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    Originally posted by fifer View Post
    Oh yes but did you check out the wild venison haggis for only 10p more than the usual one!

    The key to it (apart from the oatmeal...) is the lights, plus very hard back suet for fat, plus the proprietary "secret" spice mix. In a stomach.
    Unfortunately, I must avoid secret ingredients.


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      Back in the Dark Ages I was a foreign exchange student to England and as such took a holiday in Scotland. One morning before I could cash a travel's cheque all I could afford for breakfast was tea, boiled turnip and haggis. When I asked the lady plopping the haggis on my plate what was it she said: "If you have to ask, you don't want to know."


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        Ha sounds a very scottish answer Green Deane.... back in the dark ages you probably wouldn't want to know eh?

        Wild vension haggis........brilliant. must try that


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          Originally posted by smit View Post
          To those of you worried about eating gluten but would like to eat haggis you could always try this. Gluten free haggis
          Thanks for that link. Wonderful butcher - I will be ordering from them!!!


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            I love haggis but it's not available in Australia as lungs are not for human consumption.


            Any idea what I could substitute to cook some? possibly try to adapt some sausage covering as well.

            Haggis: the heart, liver and lungs of a sheep cooked in it's stomach.

            Jings, crivvens, help ma boab


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              Curses on the lack of Haggis here in Canada that I can find. I would love some. My son would love it too. can ya make it with rice instead of oats?
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                streuth my warmbear friend, thats quite an outfit! I'd need some fine malt whiskey and lots of local beer before I put that on...
                How do you like this get up?


                Thats my clan tartan.........funny world eh, at my wedding I wore the mckenzie tartan kilt had a starter of stornoway black pudding and hand dived scallops, and put on some haggis at midnight.


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                  Oh Haggis . . . I wont be able to eat it when I go home in 10 days with all the secrets and stuff in it . . . On second thoughts haggis can be an exception because it makes mince&tatties/casserole/ stew taste divine . Roll on the haggis !