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Cod liver oil vs. beef liver powder

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    Originally posted by Clymb View Post
    Lol! Yeah I'm not a fan of supplements, I just kept reading great stuff about it. I had thought it was higher in B12...I'm sensitive to excess B6, I had an incident where I had too much and got literally paralyzed in my limbs while driving...not good. But it was from some sort of energy drink as opposed to something like liver. The cod liver oil is better in actual oil form as opposed to a capsule, correct? I have the capsules, I got the wrong thing when I bought it lol.
    I'd be interested in what you ultimately end up doing. I myself do not have much interest in taking beef liver, but im thinking maybe for my girlfriend because the vitamin B might do here some good (she's anemic, not sure why vitamin is good but i wrote it down in my notes..or maybe it was for something else.)

    But its been a few days using the carlson Norwegian lemon cod liver oil and im so happy that you really can't taste it. Its cheaper than the capsules and it is made from fish liver (close enough to beef liver lol). I like think that its better than the capsules and it seems like high quality stuff if you interested. The only thing i worry about is the extra vit A. I do use the cheap capsules to supplement the oil. Like if i eat a lot of omega 6's and just to up my fish oil intake and so i don't get too much vit A. here are the stats of the cod liver oil:

    Vitamin A: 850IU, Vitamin D: 400IU, VITAMIN E: 10IU, Omega-3 Fatty Acids: 1100mg, Dha: 500mg, Epa: 400mg, Ala: 40mg, 100% NORWEGIAN COD LIVER OIL: 4.5gm


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      Originally posted by Keithallenlaw View Post
      @ NeoBerserker

      Supposedly intestinal flora manufactures b vits, if if if everything is in order and you
      haven't blown them out with heavy bouts of anti-biotics, alcohol, party drugs, or a
      SADD diet. You know the drill. Peace.
      ORLY? I hadn't heard this before... could anyone be so kind as to provide links to verify this?

      I absolutely ADORE liver, so I don't know that it would be a good idea for me to supplement with additional liver -- the only migraine I've ever had occurred after gorging myself on chicken pate two meals in a row (I know chicken livers can trigger migraines, though I'm not sure about other kinds of liver). I am currently taking several supplements, including probiotics, enzymes, and Omega-3s; but if there are benefits to cod liver oil that I don't get from regular fish oil perhaps I'll switch once I run though my bottle.
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        How do you guys consume the beef liver powder — in just water, or in some kind of juice or smoothie? (I'm thinking it would be a good addition to soup as well; what do you think?)

        Also, if it's been defatted, I'm guessing it should be taken soon before or after a little bit of fat (cod liver oil, coconut oil, egg yolk, butter?) to help with the absorption of the fat-soluble vitamins. Agreed?
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          I asked because my packaged just arrived. After posting, I just took one heaping teaspoon (a serving is supposed to be a rounded tablespoon) in a glass of water. It wasn't the worst thing in the world, but it was moderately gross.


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            Liver kinda yuk. Heart real yummy. I mix the liver, heart, kidneys, tongue and the brain
            with equal parts of beef and talo to make sausage sticks. A real powerhouse and it's from
            grass 'finished' cows.


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              Originally posted by maurile View Post
              I asked because my packaged just arrived. After posting, I just took one heaping teaspoon (a serving is supposed to be a rounded tablespoon) in a glass of water. It wasn't the worst thing in the world, but it was moderately gross.
              Today I added a teaspoon of honey. Much better — though still not exactly good.
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                The cod-liver oil is important for upping your omega 3 ratio and some extra fat soluble vitamins. The beef liver is for the vitamins, but it is also a superfood. It has seemingly magical abilities to heal and energize. I have felt no effect from taking liver capsules, but I do make my own liver "pills" which give me tons of energy.

                I freeze a raw grass-fed liver and chop it up into 1/4" cubes, toss in rice flour, cinnamon and sugar to keep from sticking and give it nice flavor going down (actual consumption of sugar and rice flour is extremely small). I swallow 1-2 T. of these cubes daily with a cup of warm tea or water. The warm water really softens and warms the pieces so they go down comfortably. I don't ever taste a thing. I think anyone with energy troubles or adrenal fatigue should try this, it has made a huge impact in my life.
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                  I know that raw liver if very high in many nutrients, specially b12. In fact, according to W. Price, beef liver has an anti-fatigue factor that made some rats not get tired or something. Why not eat some properly prepared liver? It's one of the best organ meats to get in your body. You'll feel it once you get it. In regards to fish oil make sure you get some high quality oil that has not been heated or had 'added vitamins' as some companies do. Fermented, if you can, is best. But again I think eating the real thing, for example liver, is highly superior to eating it in a processed powder form.


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                    Today I had my liver powder in coconut water. That was better than the water with honey I tried last time. It still has a liver flavor, but overall it's actually refreshing.