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    Does anyone have a primal pregnancy eating plan that they wouldn't mind sharing with me? I am just about 5.5 weeks now and am looking for a primal diet that will provide the nutrients I need while pregnant and keep me in track to prevent binging and excessive weight gain.

    It's really important to me to have the healthiest baby/pregnancy possible!

    ETA: I am taking a prenatal, and extra folic acid, omega-3, vit d and calcium

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    Eat per the Primal Blueprint.
    Make sure your vitamin D is sufficient.
    Eat sufficient protein 20-25% of total calories (as a guide)
    Make sure you are getting sufficient Omega 3, magnesium, iron and folic acid.
    Eat when you are hungry and if nauseous, try to eat frequently.
    Stave off grain/sugar cravings with more fat or protein. (dairy is great , if it works for you)
    Enjoy your food!
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      The Primal Diet should serve you just fine, actually. Just be mindful to have a colorful plate making sure you are eating through all the colors of natural food on a regular basis.

      This is what I tried to follow back in the day with my first baby. The Brewer Pregnancy Diet
      I would skip the whole grains and stick to the greens, veggies, and sweet potatoes.

      Wishing you the best during your pregnancy!


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        How much D are you taking? Really best to get your levels checked and supplement accordingly.
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        Pregnancy Nutrition Coaching
        Primal Pregnancy Nutrition Article


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          Read Nina Planck's Real Food books.

          Good stuff!!! Make sure to eat extra greens and add good fat to all your veggies.
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            I think eating more offal and soap made with homemade bone broth would help.


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              I agree with Nina Planck's Mother/Baby book. I followed that, and after a crazy midwife harping on the Brewer Diet, her advice was sensible and not stressful. I also want to stress- pay close attention to your body, and follow your cravings. In my experience, the first trimester was the time I craved the junk the most (mostly food from when I was a kid- chicken nuggets, handi-snacks, cheddar cheese on white bread, and McChicken sandwiches)- the funny thing is, when I indulged the craving, it went away, and I didn't want it anymore. Other stuff I ate to keep the morning sickness in check: celery and pineapple, salmon salad with nut thins, um... I can't remember. Second trimester was all about the beef. I wasn't primal, so I had a ton of roast beef sandwiches, burgers and steaks- and I would sometimes buy two sandwiches, and stick the filling for one inside the other- I needed LOTS of beef. By the third trimester, I had no appetite, and since it was summer I had watermelon to keep my swelling down, and potatoes covered in cheese and sour cream. I'm not telling you to eat this way, because I'm sure I can improve on it for next time, but I can see the wisdom in each thing I chose. I ate small bits frequently in the first trimester, LOTS of red meat in the second- WAY more food than I'm used to eating, and carby stuff in the third (was I carb loading for birth? Adding fat to the baby? I don't know.) But I listened to what my body wanted, and I didn't restrict anything. I gained a healthy 30 or so lbs, and weighed less after the birth than I did when I started the pregnancy.

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                I am 26 weeks pregnant. When I began this pregnancy I had been following a Paleo with some diary for about 10 months. I was very happy with my weight and felt great. I had the best intentions of keeping Paleo/Primal for my pregnancy. However, at week 5 of my pregnancy the morning sickness hit big time. I was throwing up 20+ times a day and made frequent trips to the hospital for rehydration. Needless to say my Primal diet went out the window. I pretty much ate to survive and whatever would stay down. BTW, this is highly uncommon for most women to be as sick as I was. By 18 weeks I started transitioning back to a Primal diet. Oddly enough the first 2 trimesters I was able to keep my supplements down. I take/took a prenatal, 1-2 grams DHA, 5000 IU vitamin d3, b-complex, additional b6, and magnesium. Write now I try to keep my carbs around 150 grams a day. I try to eat some form of protein, preferable meat and/or eggs at every meal. I have been eating white rice daily (not primal) as well. I also eat lots of good fats coming from pastured butter/ghee, macadamia nut oil, and avocados. I guess my point is shoot for an optimum diet, but if you can't maintain a Primal style of eating don't beat yourself up over it either.

                ETA: sorry I didn't proof-read my posting. It should have read "right" now I try to.... (Pregnancy brain at its best!)
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