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6lbs off since Tuesday :-O

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  • 6lbs off since Tuesday :-O

    Which is when I started on PB.

    I know it won't last.

    I know a lot of it is water (especially as we'd just come back from a skiing trip, which tends to be carb overload).'s more than I've ever lost in the 1st week of any diet in the past, including Atkins. According to Fitday I'm having around 1800 calories a day.

    And........I'm finding it really easy to do - even when my partner sat there eating a pizza last night and I was eating griddled wild river trout with griddled courgettes (zucchini?) and with a pat of chilli/lime butter on top spite of having come back from holiday with a chest infection I'm feeling really good.

    Now tell me I still have the carb hangover to hit

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    That initial weight loss is sooo motivating, isn't it? It will drop off. I gained back 3 lbs the next week, then I stopped getting on the scale all the time. Once a week, and soon it's being packed (because the movers are coming so I have no choice but to break the habit). It's a journey, so keep it up!! (And it too me much longer to lose 6 lbs, so you are AWESOME!)
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