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good primal travel food?

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  • good primal travel food?

    I am just really getting into primal living (several months of eating gluten free and a couple weeks of eating much more primally now), and I will be traveling next week for a vacation with friends. As a way to save money we will be grocery shopping for snacks and quick things to keep in our room for breakfast and lunch, and dining out for dinners. Does anyone have suggestions for really easy primal breakfasts and lunches. We will have a mini fridge and microwave but thats it! Of course they are talking about a loaf of bread and PB, but as they know I am GF I said I can just do my own thing. The question is... what do I do?! (also I wont have access to bowls, kitchen ware, can openers etc.)

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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    I'm new to the "primal" lifestyle, but I travel a bit and think this is a great question! I bet others will have a lot of creative ideas. Mine are:

    - hard boiled eggs if you're traveling with a cooler, or you can sometimes find already hb eggs at grocery stores at decent prices.. HB eggs are my favorite "fast food"
    - depending on the ingredient list, you can buy already roasted chickens, and split into two meals (or eat in one!)
    - fresh veggies to keep in your mini-fridge
    - fruits, in moderation
    - and depending on your budget, you can always go into a whole foods and make a big ass salad, or buy some pre-made food. the prices are usually $7.99 a lb, give or take a dollar.

    - nuts

    good luck - and I can't wait to see other responses!



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      If you have a mini-fridge and your friends only want bread and PB, you shouldn't have a problem

      To add to the other suggestions:
      - microwaved scrambled eggs, cold meat cuts and veg for breakfast
      - BAS for lunch (buy in a shop, or take your own container with you)
      - hunks of cheese
      - jerky

      I second the utility of hard-boiled eggs! Amazing snack food.


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        The pre bagged salad at the grocery store with the rotisserre chicken, avocado and other veggies on top (or the pre-cooked chicken strips in the deli area) Deli meats wrapped around cheese or avocado. Lettuce wrap sandwiches.


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          chicken of the sea tuna and salmon in single serve pouches. I

          And seriously? Bring a microwave safe bowl. It doesnt take that much space.
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            Raw nuts
            Dried fruit
            Bagged salad mixes
            Tub of coconut oil

            Eat each thing separately or mix it all for a humungo salad.


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              Bring a few small Takealongs (microwave-safe leftover containers). They nest for travel and are microwave-safe.
              Use them to store cooked deli meat, veggies, and opened packages of cheese.
              Use the lids as a cutting board.
              Use them to cook eggs in the microwave (as already noted). Put some veggie bits in them for a ghetto omelet.
              If you're hardcore you can cook some hamburger in them to save money.
              Bring a pocketknife to cut the meat and veggies.



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                thanks everyone for some great ideas! primal folks are creative... I really like the deli meat and cheese wrap ideas, as well as the bag of salad. Are there optimal types of jerky to buy over others? I've never tried it but was thinking of giving it a go for my trip. I'm assuming not all jerky's are created equal?


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                  Some jerky has a lot of weird preservatives and loads of salt. Check the ingredients.
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                    I'm not a fan of store-bought jerky, which is not only usually not healthy but all the brands I've ever seen are way overpriced. You should also beware of deli meat which is often laden with salt and injected with preservatives. And finally, bags of salad often come with dressing that is full of bad oils. So, just be aware.

                    I love sardines - King Oscar is wild-caught Norwegian and available at WalMart or Costco. That also gets you your omega-3s.

                    Don't forget silverware (or you can pick up plastic stuff at the grocery store).

                    If you do dairy, yogurt.

                    If you're not flying, I would definitely take a cooler. Your own meat, omelette muffins, clean dressing, hard-boiled eggs, would be well worth it IMO.
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                      You can make your own Jerkey in your oven or even better if you have a dehydrator. I've done it with regular and ground beef, it was tasty, and not a crazy amount of effort.

                      Also along the same lines- Kale chips. Super easy to make in the oven and travel well.

                      When I travel for work, I usually fast through breakfast and lunch and then go out for dinner and get a steak. But I'm not usually gone all that long, and work pays haha.

                      If you are brining a cooler, I agree hard boiled eggs are a great idea- and you can make a ton of them in advance very easily. I'm also probably in the minority here but I'm into eating cold (cooked) meats. I would totally bring cooked chicken breasts and steaks in ziplock bags or tupperware and eat them. Or cold cooked ground beef with guacamole.


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                        A lot of stores sell fresh steamable produce in bags, like broccoli that is already cut and you just put the bag in the microwave for 3-4 min.
                        I don't know if you do dairy, but my go to cook-in-hotel-room meal used to be cottage cheese on top of a baked sweet potato with a big side of steamed broccoli or other veggie, topped with butter or coconut oil.

                        To cook any potato in the microwave, wash, stab a few times with something sharp, microwave for 5-7 min small potato, 6-8 medium/large potato.

                        Also, the flavored tuna right out of the pack is delicious, but read the label. I almost bought the spicy thai flavor and then noticed it had soy and wheat!! wtf!
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                          Lots of great suggestions! A bit of a warning on the jerky thing: many of them marinate in soy sauce which is not gluten-free. It obviously contains soy, too, but some feel that it's not so bad being fermented.

                          If you have a mini-fridge, you can precook meals and put them in serving size containers. If you're concerned about the time between your home and the fridge, freeze them and put them in a cooler. Get some salad stuff, and all's good.


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                            Lots of good suggestions. I usually use cold meat cuts and mixed salads along with dried haddock and butter.