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  • Digestion issues *graphic*


    A bit of background. I've been primal for almost 2 years, and have had lots of success with the lifestyle. Encouraged by a co-worker, it was a very easy transition. This being said, I still ate cheese and yogurt.

    In January I decided to try the WHOLE 30, and was successful! I felt great, lost a few lbs and was leaner after the 30 days while possibly even increasing my calorie consumption.

    However, since the 30 days have been over, I'm having some serious digestive issues. It started with pains in my stomach, very acidic gas that I can taste (it's just terrible), and the lack of proper digestion of some foods that I was always capable of eating. The most recent episode was the worst.

    I'm not sure what caused this - it might be food poisoning, but I'm terribly sick at the moment. I ate a bowl of chia seeds with almond milk and blueberries (I usually eat this, but been getting gas recently when I do). About an hour later, I ate some proscuito from a local farm. Within 30 minutes I started feeling very sick, stomach pains, very acidic gas. I went to bed but it just got worst. I was vomitting throughout the night, and the chia seeds/blueberries came out IN TACT. It was like no digestion had taken place. This is hours after eating them.

    I think it might be a combination of food poisoning and digestive problems, but I've noticed that I can no longer tolerate chia seeds without getting very acidic gas. This is something I never experienced before. I can taste my burbs and it's disgusting.

    Is it possible that cutting out yogurt has damaged my cultures in my digestive track? What's going on here? Very concerned,


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    How recent is recently? Last couple days, weeks? You mention food poisoning as a possibility, so I guess it isn't long term...?

    I had the same kind of thing going on a couple weeks ago, the weird acid burps and then a few days of vomiting.

    If it is the chia, is it from a new source? (I have no idea if that could matter, just a thought.)

    Personally, as I stopped eating so much yogurt, I started taking a multi-strain probiotic instead. Maybe that would help you?

    Dunno what else to suggest. Whatever it is, believe me, I'm sympathetic.
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      The past month I've been getting the "acid burps" - possibly the most disgusting thing ever, and the vomiting just yesterday and today - so that might be food poisoning. What concerns me, however, is the fact the the chia seeds that came out had not been digested AT ALL. It literally came out the way it came in. Also having acid burps with nuts these days. All problems I never had before, even when primal or non primal.



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        I reckon its low stomach acid, seeing as the seeds came up whole. Perhaps trying some digestive enzymes might help? Maybe someone else has more experience with the stomach acid issue.


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          Could this be gall bladder issues? "symptoms include abdominal bloating, intolerance of fatty foods, belching, gas, and indigestion"

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            Wow...surprised to see others with the same issues. What could be causing this low stomach acid? Seems my gas is VERY acidic.



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              If some people fall under the "very acidic stomach" description, doesn't it make sense that there would be some people who are completely opposite this? Flavored vinegars taste great. Tomatoes and coffee are both pretty acidic. Citrus fruits as well. See if that helps.


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                I drink lemon juice and lots of coffee.


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                  this isnt the first time i have heard people fairing worst after the whole 30 than better, but i guess you cant have 100% rate for everything

                  anyways...what are you meals like? quantity, time frame, fat and protein amount? fiber? if youre not eating enough acid FORMING food then you may not produce enough, if you eat a lot of acid producing but overeat then youll bloat/indigestion.

                  try enzymes and making meals smaller. if that doesnt perk up digestion then try HCL or swigging vinegar before eating. if THAT doesnt do it then take l glutamine in the morning on an empty stomach

                  swigging some kombucha is prolly a good idea to
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                    Originally posted by Primal-J View Post
                    The past month I've been getting the "acid burps" - possibly the most disgusting thing ever, and the vomiting just yesterday and today - so that might be food poisoning. What concerns me, however, is the fact the the chia seeds that came out had not been digested AT ALL. It literally came out the way it came in. Also having acid burps with nuts these days. All problems I never had before, even when primal or non primal.

                    If things are messed up in your digestive system, even temporarily (food poisoning, virus, hormones), digestion will halt. On its own I would not be too concerned about that part unless it becomes a frequent problem. I had that happen when I was pregnant several times. One time I threw up spaghetti completely undigested that I had eaten 36 hours prior. Digestion had just shut down because I was battling rotovirus. (of course THEN I didnt stop throwing up for 3 days)
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                      Thanks for all the replies,

                      I'm a bit confused as to what could cause this, however. The only things I removed from my diet for the 30 days was cheese, yogurt and alcohol. The rest remained the same. Vegetables, meat (boeuf, pork, poultry), fish, nuts, berries.

                      As for the low acid, I'm not sure I understand. It feels like I'm too acidic. Everything coming out is very acidic.

                      I'm feeling better today and haven't been vomiting since last night. But this was the fourth episode of acidic burps and digestion problems, although the first with vomiting.



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                        It could feasibly just be a bug. I've had stomach bugs where I had pains and nausea a couple of times a few days apart, then afew days later the full blown version, then it was gone. Like your body is trying to fight it off but in the end succumbs to the full illness.
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                          I've been reading a bit more about acidity, and I use to eat a lot of cheese, which can be very acidic. It's possible that my elimination of cheese has had an impact on my digestive system. Or it was just a bug that lasted a month.

                          But like I said, I've never had digestive problems before.



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                            The weird thing is that low acid and too much acid have very similar symptoms and CW always wants to treat people for too much acid. Antacids, anyone? I would get on probiotics and I would also take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (can mix in some water, it is very strong) and see if that makes it immediately better or worse. If it gets better you have low acid. Here is thetest for low acid.
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                              I know it sounds weird, but low acid probably causes more indigestion than high acid. The reason is that stomach acid signals the lower esophageal sphincter to close. Without enough acid it won't close and what acid there is will come back up. Acidic foods will signal the LES in place of stomach acid. I'll sometimes drink a tablespoon of cider vinegar when my stomach acts up.

                              Another thing that occurred to me is that by eliminating a lot of food types you may have starved or reduced a population of gut flora and what's there now is battling it out, trying to reach a new equilibrium. If you've gone back to eating dairy after having eliminated it you might try eating raw milk cheese. Pasteurization and too much hygiene remove the probiotic bacteria needed to digest specific foods. This is why it's best to regularly eat veggies and herbs that are home grown or from a farmers market, raw, with the grit just rinsed off.
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