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Best tasting Keurig decaf coffee?

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  • Best tasting Keurig decaf coffee?

    You know, that machine that uses those little cups? I heard decaf has all kinds of chemicals in it but I quit drinking coffee and idk if I wanna go back, I hate the crash and low mood...but im sorta craving a cup.

    I got "Timothy's Columbian Decaf" but it doesnt taste so good without cream. I need a strong, almost bitter coffee (I like it black) like Seattle's Best or Newmans Organic. I can't find Newmans decaf though...Any suggestions?

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    I love the Donut Shop and Hazelnut versions but I don't like my coffee bitter - I perfer it more mild.


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      We have a machine at work, and I made some of the Kona was very strong. Too strong for my taste, but sounds like something you might like.

      ETA: oops, read too quickly. You are wanting decaf...Kona Bold is not decaf. Sorry!


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        I like the Timothy's Hazelnut Decaf. I really don't care for decaf, but too much caffeine gives me heart palps. This I can drink with or without cream.
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          Newman's Own or Tully's House