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  • Perfect!

    I've only been on this journey for a little over 3 weeks but I do know this ONE thing;

    There is nothing better than bacon, with eggs on the side. (fried in the iron skillet used to fry the bacon)

    Ok, maybe the one thing that would make it better is if it were cooked and eaten outside during a camping trip!

    So good!

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    sounds good, i fried up some turkey sausage links (in bacon fat) then threw in an egg. . . such a yummy and filling way to start the day. seriously i love that my stomach is not growling an hour before noon anymore!


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      "But don't you miss toast?" Or cereal, oatmeal, hashbrowns, or whatever nonsense so many people who just don't 'get' this diet often ask.


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        Yep, and I always cook some kale or chard in the skillet with the bacon grease too. Favorite breakfast.

        One of the (not food related) blogs that I follow had a post today about cereal- she posted that she had 7 OPEN boxes of cereal in her pantry (the usual frosted flakes, cheerios, raisin bran, etc). "I can't be the only one", she said. Sure enough most everyone in the comments noted they have 4, 6, 10 boxes of cereal in rotation right now. Wow. I think breakfast cereal is one of the worst foods. It only seems sort of good because it's basically got a multi vitamin added to it. And it's not cheap either.


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          I love to eat Bacons and eggs... during "dinner time"


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            Almost funny how I am notmissing the toast! And it's just as perfect for dinner.


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              Julie, don't you feel like you've stumbled on a secret no one else knows (other than the rest of this forum)?

              Someone asked me a few weeks ago "Don't you miss bread?" as I sat down to a butter fried ribeye steak. Who in the hell wants to take up space that could be used for meat, with bread?!?!