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Is my maths rubbish or am I doing PB wrong - Protein Allowance

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  • Is my maths rubbish or am I doing PB wrong - Protein Allowance


    Newbie both to PB and the forum here

    I've read the book, done the shopping and set up the Fitday account as suggested but I'm wondering (hoping!) I've done some calculations wrong as I can see I'm going to really struggle to keep my Protein grams as low as I've worked it out to be

    I've calculated that, as a 5ft 8, currently fairly sedentary (I'm working on changing that but I've had a chest infection since getting back from a ski trip a couple of weeks ago), female weighing 15 stone 2 (or 212lbs as most of you are US) and showing a fat percentage of 36.1% I need to aim for 70 grams of protein.

    Yesterday is attached according to Fitday - if I've got the hang of attachments!

    Have I done the maths wrong or any other thoughts as my Protein was up at 120. Happy with carbs though I think?


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    Where is that protein figure from? 120g sounds fine to me, I'm 5 ft 4 and 100-110 is fine for me.

    Having said that, I'm not counting at the moment, preferring just to eat primal foods and see how I feel, which is also an option.
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      Try not to overly obesess with counting at the beginning. Just eat primal food when you are hungry.

      In his latest post (Mark's Daily Apple ) Mark talks about this and says:

      "...Most people don’t need a ton of protein. If asked, I say I eat roughly 1 gram per pound of bodyweight, but it’s not something I’m militant about and I’m no longer hitting the weights like I used to. I just eat to satiety. Since it’s a satiating macronutrient, I find there’s a natural, relatively organic limit to how much pure protein I even want..."

      Based on the weight you said you are, you can certainly eat a lot more than 70g of protein...


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        Thanks both .

        I did say my maths was rubbish . Or maybe I was just reading how to work it out wrong - it was from the 0.7g per pound of lean body weight - so involved complicated (for a dingbat like me) calculations around percentages.

        Maybe I'll just look at keeping the carbs low and see how it goes?



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          When you kick excess carbs and junk (if you haven't already), your body will tell you what you need. (Still a good idea to track though.)
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            I wouldnt stress too much about the protein. As long as you arent forcefeeding yourself protein you arent going to eat too much.
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              I tracked yesterday and it was similar to the day before:-

              Calories - 1,927
              Fat Grams - 125.1
              Carb Grams - 77.4
              Protein Grams - 131.9

              I'm still slightly concerned that it may all be a bit high but, what the hell, it's only Day 3 today - I'm feeling healthier already and I'm not having that 'I must eat now or I'm going to keel over' that I've lived with for so long. I'll go along with the levels I'm at at the moment and tweak a bit when I've got a bit further into it.

              Thanks all for your advice.