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Non-Refrigerated Acidophilus and Potassium Supps

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  • Non-Refrigerated Acidophilus and Potassium Supps

    Trying to reduce chronic bloating by experimenting with potassium and probiotics. I am very sensitive to dairy and could not find a single refrigerated probiotic that didn't contain dairy or traces of casein, so I had to settle for one on the shelf. It contains 14 billion cultures. I know it won't be as good as those that are cooled, but was it a waste of money or should I just up the dosage a little bit?

    Also, for potassium, how much do you guys take? I think I may be potassium deficient, due to some tracking, and symptoms of bloating, acne and fatigue. Each pill is 50mg, but I have heard that Lower carb folks should take up to 400mg. Any experiences out there?