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    As of 3/1 no more alcohol or dairy for a year. Done.

    Tired of the ups and downs, I can easily give up anything for 30 days, heck, I have been gluten free 100% for over 5 years, its the 'moderation' I struggle with. Just a glass of wine a night is bad for my personal health, so its time to toss it out all together. Same goes for dairy.

    So as of 3/1 no dairy or alcohol for me. I have been prepping for this for the last couple weeks...letting the idea settle in and take hold. Tonight, I had my fav GF dessert (that includes dairy) and far too many glasses of wine, my last hoorah. Done.

    I am great at challenges in general, but without a serious challenge I tend to falter. I did a whole30 in January, it went well, I felt great, reminded me that dairy and alcohol are bad for me....... but give me leeway and I push my limits. I have been low carb for years, easy peasy at this point . I have done 30 day challenges for a number of years, love 'em. But it is time to UP the challenge for items that give me trouble. Full year for dairy and alcohol.

    So, for the sake of personal accountability, I am announcing it 100% to the masses. Alcohol and dairy are gone, time to push myself once again.

    I am going to keep butter in the mix and watch things. I have been using ghee and clarified butter more, I might drop butter as well if I still see health issues.

    So there it be.....deep breath and here we go.
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    Good luck! I don't drink, so I can't comment on that bit, but I've been experimenting with being dairy-free for a while now. I've had some TINY amounts of butter and cheese in the past two weeks, but that's it. It took some adjusting at first, but I've been feeling waaaaaaaaaaay better without it. Dairy usually leaves me feeling bogged down, and often causes breakouts. In any case, I'm sure you'll do fine!


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      Good luck! I recently decided to give up dairy as well. I had been suspecting that it was the source of some periodic energy issues (which always occurred after dairy consumption) and then my sister got back test results showing that her body was reacting to casein. I will miss you full fat yogurt, heavy cream, parmegiano and grass fed butter, but you're just not worth all the excess cortisol!
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        Well done, I have tried to give up drinking so many times, but I have cut right down so that's good.
        Wish you well.
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          Well done I am just finishing off some Double cream today and going to see how I go without that I love it in coffee. but no problems drinking it black .im not a yoghurt fan and just have butter occasionally so that will be easy to drop I dont drink Alcohol as would get Migraine if I did ..same with good chocolate as cocoa would give me Migraine too

          Good luck

          Love Dee x


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            Best of luck with that!

            I find that I am the opposite. When I cold turkey give stuff up, and make it so strict for the sake of accountability whatever.... FAIL. It's the " I can't have" in my head that messes with me. My dairy is restricted to only 2T Heavy Cream in coffee, and kerrygold butter. I also like a quality grassfed cheddar cheese nibble once in awhile. Wine? that is my " carbs for the day" lol..... I love my wine, and while I think I can cut it back to not drinking during the week, I don't think i would be good for not at all. I admire your commitment! good luck


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              The first step to treatment for alcoholism is admitting you have a problem. Congratulations on that! You can do it!


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                Congrats! You can do it.

                Dairy does not agree with me at all and I too gave it up years ago besides the occasional cream which is few and far between. Besides the fact that it bloats me, breaks me out and makes me feel like crap in general, it is also causes cravings.