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Why does the list say you should eat 6 eggs max per week?

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  • Why does the list say you should eat 6 eggs max per week?

    just that heh

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    Mark recommends a dozen eggs a day for gaining muscle weight. [1]



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      I think that six egg max comes from the Paleo Diet, this forum is for the Primal diet.


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        Six eggs max per week? Oh hell, I often eat 6 eggs per DAY!
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          What list?
          In the artlicle "a week in the life of Mark Sisson" Mark ate 12 eggs in 5 days.


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            this sounds more like Loren Cordain thing, pretty sure he said that in his book. and from what i remember it was more a problem with the egg white and not the yolk. I am 4-6 egg a day person myself. Today was 3 whole eggs with another 3 egg yolks(my favorite part).
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              The OP should probably elaborate a bit more on what "list" he/she is talking about and what exactly his/her question is. Sometimes I eat 6 eggs a day but I can go for weeks without eating any. I personally think you shouldn't have multiple eggs daily so that you don't develop any auto-immune issues which tends to occur to people who eat too much of them too often and regularly.
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