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  • I am grateful!

    So I've recently discovered the Cafe Gratitude cook book. For those of you not familiar it is a raw, vegan restaurant here in the bay area. It dawned on me that if it is raw, it won't have grains or refined sugar or dairy and so there are a LOT of recipes that fall under the primal guidelines and all of their deserts are amazing for those special occasions when you want to delve into that 20%. They are creative and so much fun in accompaniment to our primal dishes. Amazing recipes for the dehydrator. Spinach tortillas so easy to make and (Cafe Gratitude would gasp!) tasted great wrapped around the pork butt I had cooked in the Tajine the night before. When I took the Tiramisu to work everyone chowed down and thought I had fallen off the wagon because there was no way this could be anything but the "real thing". Absolutely worth looking into!
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    Glad to know vegans can finally be of some use.
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      hey, cows have always been super useful.


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        Amen to that!
        Originally posted by skink531 View Post
        Glad to know vegans can finally be of some use.
        Strong is the new Skinny!


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          As much fun as it is to tease Vegans - they can make some good side dishes - switching out grains for greens is easier if you know someone that knows how to cook them and the guy I get recipes from has forgot more about gardening then I'll ever know.
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            yup. a lot of vegan recipes are really good. i still use a fair few of them.


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              Vegan cookbooks (especially raw vegan) are great for Primalizing. A few I recommend:

              - Ani Phyo's Raw food Essentials (she has a great recipe for low-carb "tomato wrappers," various lovely salads, breads, smoothies, crepes, mains, sides, and great desserts).
              - Raw Food, Real World (for when you want to get really fancy)


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                I ate at Cafe Gratitude a few months ago and even though I am definitely neither raw nor vegan, I loved everything I had there! I'll definitely check out the cookbook. Thanks!

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