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Protien Shakes/Meal Replacement Drinks...Options?

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  • Protien Shakes/Meal Replacement Drinks...Options?

    So what constitutes a 'good' meal replacement-type drink?

    Obviously, I'd like to try Primal Fuel, but the price is a bit disheartening. I know there's other options out there, all with different chemical make-ups and pros/cons.

    Anyone have some suggestions?

    I'd probably use the drinks maybe once a day or so, either as a small snack or meal replacement. I'm *not* looking for a 'work-out fuel' as that's what most protein powders seem to be marketed toward. Just something quick and easy that tastes good.

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    Not sure if this is the type of thing your looking for, but I like to make my own smoothies from real food. I included one of my favorite recipes at the bottom of this blog post. This ones a little complicated, but I've got other more basic ones along the same lines.
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      i have nothing to offer, as i don't really "believe in" those things.


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        Originally posted by zoebird View Post
        i have nothing to offer, as i don't really "believe in" those things.
        I don't know if I do either, that's kinda why I'm asking for some insight =P

        Al, the smoothie route is something I hadn't really looked into either, so thanks for the links! =D


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          I like Shakeology but it is pricey as well.

          I did smoothies for a number of years for breakfast. Baby spinach was always my base and I added various things form there.
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            I have used Jay-Robb in the past as it seems very natural and high-quality. I add in some coconut milk for sat fat. Anyone else have an opinion about Jay-Robb products?

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