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  • Frustratingly little to eat

    I'm having major problems finding foods I can eat without problems. If I consume any of the following foods I will break out in a day or two. Major acne over face, scalp, chest and back to the point of being painful if I continue eating these foods:

    Olive oil
    Animal fat

    Now you can see the problem I have with primal eating especially considering sugar and grains don't seem to exacerbate my acne. I can't afford organic produce however I have tried going organic on everything apart from the meat (animal fat) and it didn't seem to make a difference.

    What can I do?

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    Have you tried grassfed meats? I wonder if the grassfed would have the same effect on your skin as grain fed.

    Are you taking any supplements? If not, you might want to research them and figure out what to take to get that systemic inflammation under control. Until you get that sorted, I would imagine you're just in a negative feedback cycle. (the ones that seem to help me most are fish oil/krill oil, vitamin D and B vitamins, but your mileage will most certainly vary as I've concluded that everyone needs their own "cocktail" and the only way to figure that out is to start playing around with the supplements.)

    Until then, I'd get protein from fish as much as possible (yeah, you'll get sick to death of tuna, I'm sure, but I'd hazard a guess you might be able to tolerate some of the other stuff once you get the inflammation sorted.)

    If I had to choose, I'd take grassfed/organic meat over organic veggies. And I didn't see where you live, but local produce is a good bet.


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      Can you eat lean meat? Also, do you know if you have any underlying health issues?
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        Originally posted by theholla View Post
        Also, do you know if you have any underlying health issues?
        That would be my concern also. Something else is going on there as it's extremely rare for anyone to be intolerant to animal fat, the rest are common allergens though.

        Have you tried organic grass fed meat?


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          This might be a dumb question and I really am not trying to derail your thread, but are you absolutely sure it's the food you're eating that is affecting your skin two days later? That seems surprising to me. I ask because I got hives all over my body once and it took me weeks of eliminating various foods from my diet before I discovered it was actually some ingredient in a random body wash I recently bought.

          And when you say animal fat, does that include fishes? White fish is very low in fat but even fatty fish like salmon might affect you differently than mammal or bird fat.
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            Well I have cancer at the moment but this has been going on for years. The fact that my acne goes away when I stop eating these foods obviously means there is a strong link. Lean meat is fine but without those foods I can't survive on primal - can't consume enough calories.


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              what about avocados and coconuts/coconut oil? they're very calorie dense (and delicious!)
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                If the major problem is calories, I think you can make them up with coconut or avocado instead. Lean meat + coconut oil = fatty meat without the animal fat. And coconut milk smoothies are delicious, delicious calorie bombs.
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                You were sick, but now you're well, and there's work to do. - Kilgore Trout


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                  Have you done a controlled elimination diet to make sure? Like eliminate all of them for several weeks, then add only one of those foods back for a few days. Wait a week or two before trying another one. Skin takes some time to respond. So if you've been adding things back too quickly, you may have some false positives.


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                    When you eliminate these foods, what are you eating? Are you sticking to primal and suffering or are you reverting to "normal" foods.

                    I ask because when I went primal I had horrendous breakouts for about a month and then they cleared up. Could it be actually a detox reaction? (Similar to how candidia growth can get WORSE after you go on a anti candida diet)

                    What about fish? Because it looks like the primary problem is finding a protein source you can eat. Tuna is ok, although mercury can be a concern, but sardines, wild salmon, etc.

                    Have you tried 30 days of lean meats, fish, fruits, veggies, and plentiful avocado and coconut oil.

                    As far as organic goes, try to hit the dirty dozen if possible and since you are not eating fatty meat, just look for some that at least say they dont use hormones and antibiotics if possible.
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                      Thanks for the replies.

                      Fish doesn't effect things.

                      Dairy is a major problem. I guess I can understand the milk and cheese what with all the hormones from the pregnant. Not sure why eggs 1 omelette and its game over.

                      Coconut and avocado are both fine. I cook in coconut oil and use coconut milk for curries but I can't keep eating the same thing. I find coconut milk drinks and avocado sickly for some reason.

                      I ate mostly lean meat, fish, salads, coconut for 5 months and my skins was the best it has ever been but I can't keep up that little variety. If I throw in grains then it isn't made worse.

                      I'm near the breadline in my country and just cannot afford grass fed meat. Sure I can try it but even if it eliminates my problem I couldn't eat it.

                      EDIT to add the meat I do buy is from a good quality butcher and is locally sources but not organic. It isn't the cheap supermarket meat.


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                        The dairy, nuts and eggs makes sense, they are common irritation factors for acne and autoimmune issues and since your immune system is pretty spent dealing with the cancer I would really look into some probiotic supplementation and some digestive enzymes like the Now super enzymes with your meals. You almost certainly have some major leaky gut and the probiotics and enzymes should help a lot. Cordain just put up a study he did on dairy and acne on his website, might have some useful info for you too.
                        It's also hard to deal with large quantities of fat when your digestion is weakened. so again the enzymes will make a difference there.
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                          Thanks Erik I will look into the Cordain report. The cancer is only a very recent thing where as the acne problem with those foods has been going on for nearly a decade.


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                            Pez, you have cancer, your body is totally out of sorts and will do all kinds of weird things. Once your treatment is done and your cancer is gone you might find the acne goes too. I think its an immune system thing, your immune system has been in hyper drive trying to fight a cancer, it is reacting badly and in addition is unable to deal with minor infections so the acne can flare as a result of inappropriate inflammation and the minor infections running out of control. Before I was diagnosed I had horrible acne, for the first time in my life in my late 30's. I couldn't understand why it was so bad so suddenly. At the same time I had repeated urinary tract infections that just would not go away. Nothing dealt with either. Until I was diagnosed, and treated. As suddenly as it all started both the acne and the infections went away, but the acne was so bad it did leave a couple scars on face, back and chest.
                            It might not be food, it might be cancer. Eat what you need to stay healthy during treatment and your body will thank you for it and heal. Coconut is healing and a good choice anyway, avocado too.
                            Good luck and all the best


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                              It might also be the cancer medication. One of the cancer meds my mother-in-law was taking was doing similar things to her. When they took her off it, and put her on another she got better. Her skin problems cleared up. But since your food problems have been going on for 10 years it might be prudent to have an allergist do a skin test to see just what kind of allergies you have. My son recently had a skin test because we knew he had several berry allergies. Turns out he has allergies to things we NEVER suspected. Since he's no longer eating those foods he is doing much better. Because the allergy test will stress your immune system, have it done once the cancer treatment is concluded.
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