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  • Primal Good - martini bad

    Cruddy day yesterday. worked late, etc etc.
    I didn't get to the gym becuase of our ice storm.

    Instead happily cooked a great primal dinner for the family. Pork Chops and veggies
    very tasty. SHould have stopped there, but no, I had a couple cosmo's.

    I woke up this am with the biggest headach!!! Um, sorry body! my bad (very bad) mistake.
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    oh man, sounds like a fabulous dinner, including the cosmos! i am a huge fan of cosmos! however, i have not had alcohol since i started eating primal. that being said, i have only been primal for 8 days! i am heading to a fundraiser tomorrow night, i will allow myself to have a glass of red wine instead of a cosmo. . . hang in there!


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      I always got headaches from sweet drinks, even pre-primal. I wonder if an actual gin or vodka martini would've had the same effect on you. Haven't had one since going primal but I've had some wine and one bourbon and been fine. The first time I drank after going primal I got a hangover (which I don't normally get) but I've been fine since.


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        a cosmopolitan is not a martini

        real martinis are exceptionally "primal", as far as alcohol goes
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          Originally posted by carlh View Post
          a cosmopolitan is not a martini

          real martinis are exceptionally "primal", as far as alcohol goes
          agreed. cosmos are cocktails. martinis have just the booze, no mixer or anything sweet.
          dirty martinis are the best...all those olives. yum.


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            Martini = gin + vermouth

            Cosmo = HEAPS of sugary sweetened mixers and fruit juices

            They are not functionally equivalent...
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              For example, I had a couple martinis last night and feel fantastic this morning
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