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  • whey protein powder?

    does anyone know how whey protein powder is made? i ran out of cashew butter yesterday while making the kids' primal mancakes, and i found some dehydrated milk powder in the back of the cupboard. now i know that this is something that i don't want to use, but the pancakes it made were so tasty and fluffy! maybe whey protein powder would taste the same? but i don't want to introduce this into their mancakes unless i know that the processing is gentle on the milk proteins and fats.
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    I don't know the answer to your question, but I love the term "mancakes" and I'd love a recipe/link if you could! I finally found a coconut pancake recipe that my kids will eat, but they still want "normal" pancakes. LOL


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      you might try egg white protein powder instead, whey protein makes me bloat up just like grains. . . would love your recipe as well!!


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        Mancakes! LOL! Love it.

        I've been off whey for a while, and am tempted to go back. Never tried egg white. Hmm...

        And yes, please share this mancake recipe!


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          I wouldn't use whey. In commercial whey manufacturing, the milk is first pasteurized and then (usually) homogenized. At this point, the fats and proteins are already pretty damaged (whey is fragile; casein is more resilient). This milk is then used to make either cheese or yogurt, from which liquid whey is strained. This liquid whey is powdered down, and, in the case of whey protein isolate, even further processed to remove all non-protein compounds.

          If you can find whey powder from raw milk, that'd be a better option, but it'll be waaaaaaaaayyyy expensive. I'd say use egg white protein powder, or better yet, stick to coconut flour for baking. BUUUUUUUT that's just my opinion. :]


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            thanks for the responses. tarek, your answer was just what i was looking for. i knew that the dehydrated milk proteins and fats are severely damaged during processing, but i had hope that whey protein powder was a different story.

            here's my recipe for mancakes. i never actually measure, so you might have to play with the ratios a bit.

            mash two average-sized bananas until mostly homogeneous. then add 2-3 tablespoons of either nut butter or dehydrated milk powder. mash together until homogeneous. add around 1/8tsp baking soda (and opt. 1-2T cocoa powder), mix thoroughly. then beat in two eggs until homogeneous. if you haven't noticed, the texture is important; the batter should be mostly smooth with no large chunks, and thick but still pourable. thinner batter will be less durable, but more like crepes. salt, cinnamon, and vanilla extract are optional. fry on a pan like you would regular pancakes. if you use milk powder, be sure to use plenty of fat on your pan and make smaller (2-5" diameter) pancakes. if you use cashew butter, you can make 'regular' sized pancakes. we ate chocolate mancakes with blackberries and whipped cream this morning for breakfast. this also makes really yummy chocolate mini-muffins; i can imagine making blueberry muffins out of these.

            oh, and diana_renata, you're welcome to share the recipe with whomever. in the spirit of giving credit where credit is due, a friend of mine shared the primal pancake recipe with me (banana+egg), i added the cashew butter to make more durable pancakes, and she shared with me that she uses whey protein powder in them.

            I wonder if the egg white would still produce the durability. the milk powder gave these pancakes sort of a naughty taste and texture. that's the only way i could describe it- they remind me of something that i ate years ago which was really unhealthy. but i can't remember what the food was!
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              The whey protein isolate I use is made like this:

              "The alpha+™ whey protein isolate contained in proteins+ is manufactured using a process called Cross Flow Microfiltration (CFM). This process uses a high-tech ceramic filter to ensure isolation of the whey protein from the fat, lactose, denatured and damaged whey. This guarantees the purest, most natural, fat-free and bioavailable whey protein available today

              CFM provides better results versus the Ion Exchange process, due to the fact that CFM protein is able to retain minor protein fractions such as Lactoferrin, Glycomacropeptides (GMPs) and other peptide fragments"



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                i made these for breakfast today. i tried three different types: cashew butter w/cocoa powder, cashew butter w/cinnamon, and dry milk powder with cinnamon (some with blackberries). all three types were pretty good, but the cashew butter with cinnamon was by far the best. they were moist, slightly sweet, and everything i'd expect from a muffin. i can imagine adding a little more fat and some maple syrup to the chocolate kind, topping with whipped cream and berries, and serving it as cupcakes for a birthday party.

                semi-defensive ramble:
                i feel like i just have to add this. the only primalized baked good that we eat is the pancakes/cupcakes discussed here. oh, and then there's the rare flourless torte or angel food cake made from rice flour which are made a few times a year for birthday and parties. the vast majority of our diet comes from meat, vegetables, berries, and dairy. /semi-defensive ramble
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