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  • RE: Arg....nuts are gonna have to go :(

    Lately I have been having problems with stomach pains. I am pretty sure that it is caused by eating nuts. I am going to need to give them up for a while . I find this a little stressful. I don't eat eggs, dairy, or nightshades. I hate to give up my easy convenience food.

    Anyone develop stomach issues from eating nuts? If I take a break from them, any chance I'll be able to bring them back?
    Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )

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    Loose bowels if I over-indulge in nuts.

    Vitamin C will cramp me up something fierce, and also is a diuretic which gets me up at night, even in a fairly small dose.


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      If you're really against giving them up, try soaking them first. That should definitely help w/any stomach issues.
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        Which nuts are giving you problems? Many people have reactions to peanuts. Could your problem be unique to peanuts?



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          try only nuts without skins, like blanched almonds or macadamia nuts.


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            I don't eat peanuts - it has mostly been macadamia nuts and cashews. My stomach is really irritated though. I am going to give it a few days rest and then may try the soaking and resting.

            When I let myself get super hungry because of lack or preparation/planning, nuts are a convenient meal/snack that keep me from just grabbing the closes non-primal food. I hope that soaking and drying them will help. Thanks for the suggestions!!
            Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )



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              Not sure about the nuts causing problems - how many are you eating per day?

              Why don't you eat eggs and dairy - stomach issues? I know that dairy is one of those things some do on primal and others don't. Personally, I still eat dairy (not a ton - a serving of cottage cheese every day, and cheese a couple of days a week) and it does not seem to be causing any issues as far as fat loss is concerned for me. I eat almonds, usually only a serving per day. Have you tried almond butter? That could be a convenient snack that may not cause issues.


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                I thought macadamias were on the list NourishedEm posted in this thread of nuts that didn't need soaking. Cashews appear to need a short soak, though.


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                  I'm the exact same way. Eating nuts kills my stomach--like I just ate pins or daggers. I don't eat nightshades either (especially tomatoes), and I don't consume fruit or milk. I've recently reduces my cheese intake as well.

                  The problem I found going primal was that by cutting out grains completely, I substituted with more nuts, vegetables, and cheese and other foods. I'm finding these increased amounts to be excessive--even over a year of being primal.

                  I've actually re introduced very small amount of grains (e.g. rye bread and/or rice every few days) so I don't have to eat so much of the other things, and it's been working out better for me.

                  But nuts were the real killer for me--more than grains ever were.

                  Anyway, the bigger issue I think is PUFAs, not grains (although the two together in a deep fryer is the worst). So giving up nuts ain't so bad.


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                    I have problems eating nuts as well, for me one oz isn't enough and I had to give them up. Every once in a while I crave them and have a few, then I get the heck away from them.


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                      As far as eating nuts/seeds goes, here's my take on it:

                      Sprouted (best) --> soaked (good) --> no nuts/seeds at all --> roasted/cooked (okay) --> raw, unprocessed (bad)

                      Of course, if you're eating them in tiny amounts (i.e. five or six as garnish in salads, etc), they probably will not cause any harm. I suggest you take them out of your diet for a week or two and then reintroduce soaked nuts. Most nuts and seeds require around seven hours of soaking (more is usually okay); the best way to do this is place a few handfuls in a bowl of lukewarm spring water, add about 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt, and let them soak overnight at room temperature.

                      You mentioned that you like eating cashews -- these need to be soaked for NO MORE than six hours. If you leave them to soak longer, they'll develop a really nasty taste and slimy texture. I've also found that out of all nuts and seeds, raw cashews seem to tear up my stomach more than any other. It's been a while since I soaked some cashews, but from what I remember, the soaking process solved that problem. Might be different for you!


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                        Walnuts gives me bad stomache cramps.