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any comments on Hoodia and Acai Berry?

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  • any comments on Hoodia and Acai Berry?

    Hi i have notice that a lot of people are using Hoodia pills o Acai berry pills to help them with theyre hunger cravings, does any one kknow about one of this foods?

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    I think it's a complete gimmick when it comes to hunger cravings.


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      Use fat instead. Bacon, if available.
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        Originally posted by Twibble View Post
        Use fat instead. Bacon, if available.
        +1 though I'm a fan of coconut.


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          Save your money!


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            I've read that there have been studies that actual fresh hoodia cactus does curb appetite but that no one has been able to extract the active ingredient in a way that can be made effective and shelf-stable. The pills are only good for a placebo effect. As far as acai, I thought it was just a berry that had good antioxidants but I haven't read much on it.


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              Hi I have been using Hoodia for the past month and yes it works but under right instructions. The main issue is to use pure Hoodia powder as opposed to store bought pills. The thing is you need much bigger dose than suggested to suppress hunger. For me it takes 5 grams per dose and up to about 20 grams per day of pure Hoodia powder to suppress hunger. It is a food but without calories itself and not some physiology changing drug. That is a big difference from 1 pill that has 500mg and god knows what other additives to it.

              The feeling on Hoodia is really interesthing , you just feel lighter and more focused because your brain is not expecting food and can focus on the other tasks . The feeling of hunger is not totally suppressed and you can still eat even if you take Hoodia but it's gonna be very little. Yet if you are taking it for weight loss you can go perfectly well without eating anything which I did. So far I've done 3 day fasts for about 3 times and would have done it longer if I didn't have some social obligations. I never could do more than 36 hours by myself without Hoodia. The point is really to take 3 to 4 doses per day and especially before sleeping but also to go out in the nature and breath fresh air which additionally suppresses hunger . For me it takes about 2 hours after initial dosage of 5 grams to feel that satiety feeling.

              The Hoodia powder itself tastes like dirt more or less but it's good and I do make my own capsules from the powder so I take about 8 capsules at a time . It is especially useful in the work and travel settings where you don't want to be bothered by food and hunger and physiolgical functions . I buy it from an interner bulk supplement seller which I can't promote here I guess . Hoodia works by interacting with hypothallamus to send it signal as if there is enough glucose in the blood which promotes satiety and also by suppressing gastric juices which get secreted at the sight of food. The nature is amazing to have produced such a substance but don't judge it by taking dubious pills, just take pure Hoodia powder and then see it for yourself
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                My doc prefers Hoodia over the others, but none of the above is the right answer.


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                  Originally posted by allenmark
                  With the Pure Acaiberry supplements you can easily reduct the weight. The Acai berry diet pills regular use helps you to reduce your weight in very short time.
                  So does eating a healthy and balanced diet,exercise,and avoiding processed garbage.You don't need any magic pill or superfood,just some common sense and willpower.
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                    Good read on Acai:
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