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Good primal meals for 2

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  • Good primal meals for 2

    Now that my partner is on board, I am not used to cooking for two! Other than the fantastic MEATZA, I'm not sure what to cook, other than to make portion sizes bigger now so it suits two.

    Are there some 'fun' meals to share. The Meatza is good because you can just take the slices you fancy.

    What are your best meals for couples?

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    we do A LOT of buffalo chicken salads.
    Grilled chicken breasts chopped and tossed in franks red hot and melted butter. Throw some bacon, hard boiled eggs, red onion if you don't want to make out for a week, and some blue cheese dressing on romain and you have a meal for two and lunch the next day.


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      We eat a lot of leftovers, so we make pretty much whatever and double the recipe a lot of times!
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        Hmm my gf and I just make bigger meals and split them. She has come to love mashed sweet potatoes and she loves making butternut squash soup (and I don’t have the heart to tell her that combining both in one meal is more carbs than I’d like to eat in one sitting, even though they’re perfectly primal) and we always have some type of meat site.

        When I cook, I always focus on meat first and I usually don’t need shit else but she likes veggies more than me so I fix some for her.

        We also like wings, but haven’t made them too often as they’re more time consuming than the afore mentioned or making some type of omelet.
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          Spag sauce over zuke noodles/ veggies/ spaghetti squash, crockpot meat, stews, quiche/ clafouti/ fritatta type things.
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            Crock pot is great. I use mine 2x a week.