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Hypoglycemia & Caffeine & Adrenals

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  • Hypoglycemia & Caffeine & Adrenals

    So I have past hypoglycemia issues, but they are pretty rare after years of low carb. Sometimes if I push the limits a bit too far (usually a vacation with a week of far too much rum) and the typical issues creep back in. Shaking, extreme hunger, stomach cramps, crankiness, blah blah blah.

    So I don't drink much caffeine, an occasional cup of joe on the weekends usually. In the last 6 months I have noticed if I have a cup of caffeinated coffee for more then 1 day in a row, my hypoglycemia symptoms suddenly come back to an extreme. Drop the coffee, and in a day or two fine.

    Any thoughts on why caffeine has such an extreme adrenal effect more recently? The occasional cup of coffee is not new, and since it upsets my GI I rarely do much.....pondering out loud why this has become a weird hypoglycemia/adrenal impact.
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