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I am the only person in the world that PB does NOT work for

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  • I am the only person in the world that PB does NOT work for

    I know I posted a while back complaining that I had been on the PB for about 2 weeks and had gained three pounds and was freaking out, and I realize now that that was a little preemptive on my part. However, now it's getting ridiculous. It's been a month, I've cut out any alcohol, dark chocolate, cut way down on nuts, the only carbs that I consume are from veggies, no grains or starches, and eat bacon and eggs most mornings for breakfast. I only have small amounts of dairy (a block of sheep's milk feta and sometimes cream in my coffee) and stay around 2000 calories a day. I walk 45 minutes to an hour most days of the week. Not an ounce have I lost, my clothes fit me exactly the same, and my measurements are exactly the same. I bought some keytone test strips and it came out negative, even though I've been eating fewer than 50 grams of carbs for the past 3 weeks. I'm trying not to look at this just as a diet, but this unbelievable. Oh yeah, and my mom is eating the exact same way and she's gained 11 pounds. I know I'm going to get a bunch of replies about how it's all because I have the wrong mindset, but I went into this totally believing it would work and as the best way to eat. Now I am seriously doubting that and I need someone to restore my faith.

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    Your name makes me believe you are a girl so here are my assumptions: your calories make me think you are eating too much, your activity amount makes me think it's too low.



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      I thought calories didn't matter.


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        Calories do matter and based off those numbers you are eating too much. Off the top of my head, I'd say you should be more around 1400 - 1600, way below the 2k you are eating now.

        I highly suggest staying primal but cutting your calories.


        Btw, the saying "calories do not matter" is something you can apply to yourself once your eating is under control and you don't have to wonder if you are satiated or eating out of hunger. When you are first starting, counting calories works. When you are a 2 year veteran, you won't even think about it.


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          Besides food intake, are you doing any training? Lifting heavy things, throwing a sprint once a week, etc? Or is it just the walking? If you were heavier I'd say you could stick with walking for a while, but since you're not I think you should increase your activity a bit.

          Calories matter, but people get too hung up on them and don't fully understand how they work, so that's why we tend to say they don't matter. I think your lack of activity might be the reason here. I'm not sure why your mom is gaining, but 11lbs is aggressive and she could simply be eating a little too much.
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            It depends on what you mean by "work." Have I lost weight by going Primal? No. But I feel better and enjoy myself more. I know I'm doing the right thing. My mom, on the other hand, has been shedding pounds like mad and is more energetic than a 6 year old.

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              But even if I were eating too much, I should still be in ketosis since I eat basically no carbs.


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                Can you put together an -accurate- daily food log and show me what a typical day is like for you? Leave nothing out.

                Use fitday or livestrong.


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                  I'd start by reducing your calories too as suggested. Start with 1400 or a bit more for the first week or two to see how you do then you can adjust from there. I did well with 1400-1500 calories a day for weight loss. I never experienced a stall or plateau. I lost 1-3 lbs weekly. Judging by your age I'm probably close to your mothers age. I'd suggest she cut back to 1400 a day as well.

                  I would also do some muscle building exercise. Walking isn't enough in my opinion.

                  "a block of sheep's milk feta" a day or week? I would keep cheese to about an ounce or two a day.


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                    Oh, and about the exercise. I am hesitant about adding more intense exercise because I basically wrecked my body with extreme exercise 4+ hours a day for almost a year, and because I (supposedly) have adrenal exhaustion from the exercising, poor diet, a deployment to Iraq, two stints in basic training, and moving 4 times (all within a 3 year period).


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                      I remember your previous thread where we talked about this. As I recall, you also seem to likely have a thyroid issue which you were treating homeopathically. If your basal temp is still around 95, your metabolism is slow. No wonder you're gaining weight on 2000 calories even with the low carbs. Low carb gives you a metabolic advantage but it doesn't completely erase the importance of the calories. I recommend you go get the full tests you were advised to get and start treating your thyroid.


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                        Ketosis doesn't guarantee weight loss. It just shows you're using fat rather than glucose. Do you have a different taste in your mouth? Has your appetite and or cravings decreased? Those are signs your body is in ketosis.

                        Also ketone strips show at that moment in time whether ketones are in your urine. I'd chuck the strips and spend the money on a good steak instead.


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                          I still struggle with the idea that one doing a VLC, or ketogenic diet can eat whatever they want in quantity as long as it's not carbs. I just don't think this works and as far as I'm concerned you're evidence of it.

                          Also, I'm not really asking you to work out super intensely, a short 20-30 minute resistance training session (like, a few pull ups, push ups, squats) and a short 10 minute sprint session ONCE a week or even once every two weeks. That's far from being intense exercise.
                          I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.


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                            how big is your "block" of feta? I have a problem with Feta myself so I really limit it and that means occasionally sprinkled on a salad. It is a sodium bomb and that can make you retain fluid. I have the same issue with bacon so I that too.


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                              If you are eating almost no carbs are you going poo? Constipation will show on the scale.

                              I think your body will handle more exercise. I've been military and work out a fair bit.