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What is the deal on coconut?

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  • What is the deal on coconut?

    I see coconut discussed alot on here. Is coconut oil/milk supposed to help you lose weight, or is it just used like a primal treat?

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    People who are trying to avoid dairy find coconut products useful, and some people find that they can't lose weight unless they cut out the dairy.

    Also coconut products are useful for primal desserts/


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      Coconut is very nutritious. The medium-chain triglycerides are healthful fats (good for the skin when applied topically, too), and the liquid inside coconuts is a natural sports drink, so to speak. And coconut flesh is yummy and useful in all kinds of dishes.
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        What they said!

        Also, I think coconut is one of those things like bacon... we've been told for years that we can't enjoy it because it's too high in fat. Now that we know it's good for us, some of us go a tiny bit overboard in our love for it.


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          Coconut fat goes straight to ketones (kinda) which is useful for those of us who like running on premium fuel. It's also severely delicious!
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            I have a lot of weight to lose so I'm trying to stick to the basics and do things that will help speed things along and not slow me down. Nuts and coconut were two things I was wondering if I needed to cut or not. I'm keeping them this month and if I'm not seeing much progress I'll see if I need to cut them next month.


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              Nuts stall weight loss for lots of folks.....gotta be pretty careful with those....

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