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  • Water Bloating

    Anyone else get bloated after drinking water? Seems to be a culprit, I drink between 2-3L a day of room temp water and always feel bloated afterwards

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    Any particular reason you drink so much?

    That much water can contribute to low sodium-even if it isn't clinical hyponatremia, you could still be lower than what your body 'wants' to be, and therefore retaining water in an attempt to hang on to salt.

    I retain water like a fiend when I'm low on salt (pituitary issues) and adding a 1/2 tsp to a glass of water will often send me to the ladies room 5 or 6 times the next day-and leave me 5-8 pounds lighter. Doesn't happen so much any more now that I have things sort of 'figured out', but there for a while-wow.
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