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A little fruit triggers a binge! Anyone can relate

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  • A little fruit triggers a binge! Anyone can relate

    Ok, a binge here isn't carby sugary foods, but for me I can't consume too many fruits even the one's low in carbs for my insulin. But sometimes i just gotta have some and then I brace for impact. I had a cup of blueberries yesterday and then I wanted an orange and then another orange. Today, it started with an orange and ended with a banana and an apple. I know my body well enough to know I should have all of this in one day, but I just don't get why it has this effect on my body.

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    Read Why We Get Fat. Totally to be expected for some people.
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      Yes, I can easily binge on fruit. I considered cutting it completely out of my diet because I am trying to lose weight, but I enjoy one serving of fruit as my daily treat. So, this is what has worked for me: I eat berries only, and I eat them only in the evening after dinner, with whipped cream, to dilute the sweet with fat and become satiated.

      If I eat fruit earlier in the day, I must have more, and I won't stop. Eating berries/cream after dinner is the perfect end to the day for us.


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        This is me also!
        I managed to lose 30lbs on WW about a year and a half ago, eating tons of fruits and veggies mostly. I love fruit! And while I was able to lose the weight, I was pretty much always hungry and never satisfied. When I went off WW I put it all back on again in 10 months. Very depressing. I started primal in the beginning of Jan this year, but still eating fruit. I limited myself to berries and melon only, but even those set off binges. I would eat the entire cantelope or all the berries in the house. I'm assuming it was the sugar in both. Even though I wasn't eating a lot of calories, I wasn't losing any weight and I was bingeing almost every day on them. After a month of this, I decided to force
        myself to give up the fruit, even tho it was really hard for me. Voila! Instant 1 lb weight loss every week since then and I haven't changed anything else. It's convinced me that I'm a total sugar/carb addict. I still really want the fruit at times but I seem more able to resist it now that it's been almost a month. Hang in there.


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          for the first couple of weeks i used fruit as a sugar crutch for sue. I have since had to cut back for exactly your reasons - but now it is easier as I don't crave the sugar hit as much. (again like you, I used to eat VAST amounts of fruit when dieting CW, lost weight sometimes but stayed hungry even when physically uncomfortably full.....and it led to bingeing and weight regain.)

          I think at first it helps you adjust, but then its time to maybe look at what and when - I agree with Suzan, just berries occasionally and with thick cream (one of the few things I am really missing on my whole30. Just the berries doesn't cut it for me). BUT lets face it, if you do "binge" on fruit occasionally it HAS to be better than hitting chocolate and cake! As I approach PMS time I may allow more fruit to get thru!


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            Yes, this happened to me yesterday! But not only is it a total binge, it seriously affects my mood. I had fruit for the first time in a couple weeks yesterday and at first I felt okay, but then I felt so depressed and agitated I couldn't even manage to workout. I ended up sitting in my car while my significant other was at the gym. Mind you, I'm 20 years old and in shape! I've always had mood swings but for the past two weeks I have felt normal and in a very good mood, until yesterday. Does fructose have an extreme effect on mood? I'm still feeling down.
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              Can I ever relate. I try to keep it minimal but yeah, a bit of fruit and I am craving all kinda of sweet things.

              I'd like to either read Why We Get Fat or Good Calories Bad Calories. In the meantime I just need to get better at staying away!


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                Completely natural. Your body is designed to A) seek pleasure and B) treat each meal like it's the last, so in nature if it stumbled upon a source of sweet calories it would take them in with reckless abandon. I'd argue that we store carbohydrates as fat so readily for exactly this reason. This makes it hard to control intake when you have a constant, open supply. You are in fact fighting your survival instincts by doing so, made especially hard because super-sweet fruit of today is not something we evolved with.

                But this is not a case of "listen to your body", because we know better, and your body is confused by stimuli and an environment it hasn't adapted to.
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                  I am the same, except it starts with apples and berries, next thing it's pineapple and mango, then before I know it, Haagen Dazs and chocolate lol. I'm doing a fruit free whole30 right now and am really enjoying not having to worry about resisting the progression.

                  Give me cream with the fruit and I am even worse! Throw in some cocoa.... nooooo!!!
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                    I just went through this last week!! We had corporate meetings in our office last week and the catered lunches included a big bowl of fruit salad both days. A couple of bites turned into a coffee cup full... that turned into another coffee cup full... turned into not eating my meat/veg lunch... + another cup of fruit salad. I was bloated and up in weight on my Friday weigh in day.

                    I'm going totally fruit free this week to see if it makes a difference. If I can do it 1 week, then I'll do it another (baby steps to whole 30? hahaha).


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                      I also LOVE fruit, before I was primal I would eat 4-5 peaches a day, at least a pound of grapes a day, apples, oranges, a whole cantaloupe... all in one day. Now if I have even a few bites of fruit I will eat it all until its gone, then I move on to nuts and eat all of them, then the chocolate its like a endless cycle. Last week I did not have any fruit at all, then on Saturday I had a few grapes, and then an orange, then an apple, then another orange..... This has continued up until today so far today no fruit and I will not be eating it again for a long while until I feel I have control over it. I saw the book why we get fat at the store the other day, I really need to buy that book!
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                        Fortunately, I can't eat fruit (makes me bloat), but sugar of any kind has the same effect on me. I call it "carb creep", lol!

                        The sugar acts just like alcohol (for me) and my satiety signals totally disappear. Just 2 days of absolutely no sugar and <20 g net carbs and my body is dropping the fat faster than ever!

                        I think that the belief that fruit is healthy for us is one of the last CW bits of thinking to go. Modern fruit is really just bags of sugar and our bodies are not designed to deal with that much fructose on a regular basis.
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                          Anything that has sugar in it will set me on a downward spiral. So fruit, even being the "healthier" option, is just something I have to deprive myself of most of the time.
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                            I went primal two days ago and I have ruled out fruit as thought this would happen to me too as I seem to be particularly insulin resistant. I'm adjusting a lot faster than the last time I went low carb and I reckon the lack of fruit is helping to keep the cravings at bay. Given what you guys have said I'll stay off the fruit until I've lost all the fat I want to (may be some time!!).


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                              i had to stop really eating fruit for a year. now i can have a small amount but i still overdo it if i don't watch myself. fruit makes me bloated too.