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Head Injury and Glucose?

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  • Head Injury and Glucose?

    So, yesterday I tried slamming my head and face in the rear door hatch of my van. Oy. I'm a little banged up, but CT scans show no serious damage or brain bleeds. However, it's still considered a head injury, and it was suggested that I up my glucose intake by a little bit in order to speed healing.

    I'm a Grad student, and this weekend I have a paper and presentation and exam to be taking, so I can't really mess around. I am feeling a little "foggy". Anyone have any experience with head injury and fat vs. glucose issues?

    Heck no, I don't want no dang turkey bacon!

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    You body needs glucose to heal (proteins and fats play a great role too, dependent on the injury.) Now it doesn't have to be carbohydrates, but those require the least amount of energy expenditure for your body to use. And pound per pound, your brain uses more glucose to function on a daily basis than any other organs. It makes sense but they're not suggesting loading up on sugar tablespoons at a time. My suggestion would be things like sweet potatoes, carbohydrate dense but not straight sugar.

    Glad you're doing ok though!


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      Thanks, bionicsamm. That makes perfect sense, and dang, I love an excuse to eat sweet potatoes.
      Heck no, I don't want no dang turkey bacon!