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  • rutabaga/rant

    Rutabaga is fine right? Yeah, I know. I am mostly here to rant.

    My for lack of a better term MIL insisted on cooking a meal for the family while she is visiting. We found a recipe I thought sounded good and PB enough. It is meant to be served over pasta which is fine because I can just not eat the pasta and everyone else can.

    Except she decided to modify the recipe and put rutabaga in. And double the recipe.

    1. This means there is not enough room in the slow cooker. So now she is off to buy a large slow cooker for me. It's already almost noon, we are going to eat at midnight I think. But she has already cooked the extra meat separately so I have NO idea what that plan is.

    2. Rutabaga does NOT sound good in this dish. It is an italian style roast with a tomato, zucchini, italian type sauce.

    3. Why would you need Rutabaga AND pasta?

    4. The long discussion with selecting a recipe was NOT about what I the annoying PB would eat, it was what my KIDS would eat. Rutabaga? Not likely. And my mom hates rutabaga, so why is her partner adding it? And I told her we all liked zucchini, but she decided to use rutabaga in place of it.

    Rant rant rant.


    Anyway, I am guessing it is a PB friendly carb, although I really didnt want a carb load tonight.
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    I eat rutabega just fine. It's not my first choice of veggie, but if it arrives in my organic produce box, then I eat it. I think it qualifies as a higher-starch veggie, but probably not in the same class as white potoatoes - probably more like a sweet potato or carrot maybe. (?)

    I'm not sure it sounds good with the recipe although hopefully if it stews long enough, it will just take on the other stronger flavors.


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      I hated rutabega as a kid (it was one of the few veggies I disliked) and I'm still not fond of it. I don't think rutabega+ Italian flavors sounds good at all, LOL!


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        ew rutabaga would not go with italian tomato stuff.... it is way to sweet, i haven't found anything rutabaga tastes good WITH besides raw

        you can make rutabaga noodle btw, if you get a veggie spiralizer!
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          Whether rutabaga translates as swede or turnip, either one is a weiiiiiird choice to put in an Italian style slow cooked recipe!

          Sweet for trying, but I would share your supressed rage

          Good luck.....


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            What did it taste like then?
            I love rutabaga/swede. I make a sweet potatoe and swede mash. I have it with beef stew. I agree that it wouldn't mix well with a tomato sauce dish.

            Did it?


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              It wouldn't occur to me to use rutabaga in Italian food, other than minestrone soup perhaps. But apparently it is traditional. See this recipe for turnip-rutabaga filled ravioli. Granted it doesn't involve tomato sauce, but it could.

              I love rutabaga in soups and stews. Not sure if I have put it in minestrone, but I might try it.

              It does seem like your MIL was messing with you. Hopefully not.
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