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  • Cod Liver Oil?

    I got myself an expensive bottle of cod liver oil that's most recommended from the Weston A Price foundation web site. I just got it in, I got it flavored with cinnamon to maybe help it go down easier. I nearly gagged on it, any ideas on how to take it? I hear from my grandma that my grandpa took it everyday with orange juice, but I worry the amount of sugar I'll consume if I follow that idea. Anyone currently taking cod liver oil, (not in capsules), and how are you best able to take it?

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    A:Chill your dose in the freezer for a while.

    B:Next time get the gel caps.


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      I purposely did not get the capsules because 1. i get more oil for the cost and 2. less processing of the oil. I think the worst thing I did was get it in cinnamon, they put a real heavy amount in. But still, I'm stuck with it and I don't want to drop another $50 for another bottle.


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        I put a tablespoon of water in a shot glass, I put a splash of lemon juice in the water and float the CLO on top. Then I just down it all at once. The lemon tends to cut the oil and wash it right out. Next time try the orange flavored CLO instead of cinnamon. I really wish they sold single serving packs so people could try them out and find a flavor they like.