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  • Article in Prevention Magazine

    Maybe Mark could get in on this. I was at the optometrist with hubby today. While waiting I leafed through the Prevention magazine on the table. There was an article on what to eat with your steak. It said:

    "When spuds, especially waxy varieties such as Yukon Gold and Fingerling, are boiled and chilled, they form a type of fiber called resistant starch that may block your body's ability to burn carbohydrates. The benefit to you: You burn more belly fat."

    Just how much truth is there to this and just what the heck is 'resistant starch'? I have a difficult time believing much of anything I read in that magazine. It's called Prevention, but nearly 1/2 the magazine was devoted to drug ads of all types - high blood pressure, cholesterol, fibromyalgia, depression... you name it. That's prevention?

    The magazine was full of CW advice - eat whole grains, lots of them. Eat low fat, the lower the better. Eat yogurt. That's fine, as long as it's not loaded with 34g of sugar per serving...
    You donít stop riding because youíre getting old, you get old because you stop riding.

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    My take on 'Prevention' Magazine has always been that it exists to prevent the drug companies from losing money. That said, even they might have good info once in a while. I'd be interested to hear Mark's thoughts on this one also.


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      I've heard this being talked about for a while.

      Resistant starch can be found in cooked and cooled potatoes. It is like a third type of fiber. Resistant starch is also found in bananas. Navy beans too.

      Here are a couple of links talking about it.


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        Robb Wolf talked about this on a pod-cast a while back, and said that the molecule chain in "resistant starch" is a single long chain, as apposed to a branched chain in regular starch/carbohydrates.......which means that stomach enzymes only have limited points of attack to digest the chain. According to him, it makes the resistant starch digest more slowly, which slows down the whole Insulin/blood sugar process.

        All in all, it basically lowers the Glycemic index of the starch......but really doesn't mean a whole hell of a lot. Robb didn't seem to think that resistant starch is completely indigestible like insoluble Fiber.


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          Things that make you go hmmm. I really had no idea. There's certainly no way that I'll start eating legumes again. It's just too painful an experience. But an occasional cold spud and a banana on the green side I don't have problems with and I get some potassium while I'm at it.

          That being said though, I think there is too much conflicting information out there. Much of it purposefully disseminated by the establishment to confuse and confound. I truly believe that we are a society tethered to the food and drug companies who would keep us permanently in a state of manufactured illness solely for the improvement of their profit margins.

          If we were all healthy and happy individuals, where would these drug companies be? They wouldn't have a bottom line to speak of. Since I started PB I have had far less migraines. I have taken fewer and fewer pain killers. By removing certain foods that CW insists are 'good for you' I have reduced my instances of IBS. There needs to be a very serious shake-up in the way we run this planet, how we think about food, and how we provide food for the people.

          There was an article on the net this morning about how the planet won't be recognizable by 2050. They're still talking about feeding grain to livestock, and there just won't be enough food to feed our 7 billion citizens. How about converting all that farmland that currently grows grain back to grassland, letting herds of cattle, sheep and goats roam and graze? High quality protein for the masses, no antibiotics required. Why are we still feeding grain to cattle and people when it should be grass for livestock and animal protein for people? When you eat high quality protein you don't eat as much as you would in grains because you're not hungry all the time. When are they going to catch on?

          But you know where it all starts...
          You donít stop riding because youíre getting old, you get old because you stop riding.


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            It's bullshit. Testing my blood sugar after consumption makes it pretty clear.

            late onset type1 diabetic 4-27-10 @ age 30