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My First Primal Social Experience..

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  • My First Primal Social Experience..

    Since going primal, I have yet to go out to eat with someone who doesn't know my primal eating... today was the day.
    I cracked a few jokes before ordering, that it was going to be really awkward - and I almost lost it when someone said "Oh, really? Butter is better than oil?" "Actually.. that's an urban myth" "What is?" "That saturated fat is bad.. Uh, Nevermind, dont' get me started - it's just an allergy!"
    Overall, a slightly awkward success. Hopefully soon I will get used to not even mentioning it, although thats hard after I say "Let me get a burger, no bun, no cheese, sub a salad for the fries - bring the dressing on the side, vinegar and oil, andddd coould you cook that in butter?" - but soon I'm sure I can do it without the temptation to do a Primal pitch!

    P.S. Red robin doesn't cook their burgers in oil!! Just make sure they don't add the red robin seasoning.. I now have a gluten headache