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MMA Fighter sez: I read the China Study! You should be vegetarian! Herpy derpy doo

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  • MMA Fighter sez: I read the China Study! You should be vegetarian! Herpy derpy doo

    Article here... Some quotes:

    "Fitch, who turns 33 on Feb. 24, is now about 183 pounds. As a welterweight fighter, his weigh-in weight is 170. Most modern welterweights range from 185 pounds as their regular weight before cutting down, to as much as 210 pounds for somebody like Anthony “Rumble” Johnson. Fitch was on the upper end of that scale for years. But two weeks before the Penn fight, he was about five pounds lighter at the same stage as he would have been for his last few fights.

    “The biggest thing is better recuperation from training,” Fitch said. “I don’t have the days where I came in flat. It’s made for the best training camp of my career.”

    If anything seems like a negative with Fitch in regard to his change, it’s that he has to constantly eat or he will lose too much weight.

    Both Fitch and Shields augment their diets with frequent protein shakes. Fitch has limited his supplementation to plant-based protein of late, and is also using amino acids as a supplement. Shields uses supplements supplied by his sponsor, usually soy- or whey-based, but sometimes milk-based protein."

    "Fitch’s transformation was gradual, stemming from when Michele read “Skinny Bitch,” a diet book by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin that advocated a vegan lifestyle and focused on unhealthy aspects of eating meat.

    “Before UFC 100, she went on a vegan diet and started feeling better,” said Fitch. “Prior to my fight with Paulo Thiago [during the summer of 2009], I went to a more organic diet. I cut back to eating meat three times a week, limited to an eight-ounce steak or poultry, and started eating more fruits and vegetables. In two weeks, I noticed a big difference in training. I had a much easier weight cut and recovered from it better. So I kept it up.”

    Fitch read “Skinny Bastard,” the male counterpart to” Skinny Bitch,” by the same authors, as well as “The China Study,” a research project collaboration among Cornell University, Oxford University and the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine, which examined diseases and lifestyles in rural China. The study showed people who ate the most animal-based protein had more chronic illnesses, and people who ate mostly plant-based foods were the healthiest and lived the longest.

    Fitch credits his wife for his ability to pull off his dietary experiment because she handles the shopping and food preparation."

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    So are ya sayin your going to be rooting for Penn on Saturday too ;D
    "First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do" - Epictetus


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      I wonder how long that's gonna last?


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        Bill Pearl is an old school body builder that got pretty huge as a vegetarian,so it is possible. I remember his diet was very complex - each of his meals had to balanced out with different kinds protein to make a complete protein. I believe this Saturdays fight will be Fitch's first vegan fight - if it works for him, great - I don't like those people telling me not to eat meat so I'll return the favor by not telling them they need to. Though I still hope Penn beats his Vegan butt down.....
        "First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do" - Epictetus


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          It'll be interesting to see how he fares against Penn at the end of the month, that is if Penn has done his due diligence for this fight. When Penn is focused, has trained well and kept his diet in check, he's unstoppable. Fitch has always been kind of a badass, though, and able to take a serious beating as well as give one. Not sure that it means much, but it's interesting to note that all of Fitch's wins since his conversion to a more vegan diet have been by decision versus submission. Just a thought.
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            Fitch was good and very tough before he changed his diet though. We'll see if he gotten better soon, but experience and training should make you better anyway. Also, even though most people on here (i assume) think meat is good, its possible his diet is better than before he was eating meat. Bare with me on this; He said he eats more organic now, SO, before he could of been eating a non-organic very processed diet with meat and now he could be eating an organic (probably less processed) diet without meat. Maybe the switch to a more organic, possibly less processed, diet is better than what he was doing before. Just a theory.


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              My Mum and I sit across from one another at a long desk (we work together). She just read me the whole article, and ended with "I'm really interested in this - THIS looks like something I could do". Then she made a huge bowl of stone-cut oats. I don't have the energy to cry.

              It's good that I already desensitized myself to the "You look emaciated!" and "Stop starving yourself!" (because I skip breakfast daily) comments.

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                Apparently no one showed him Denise Mingers site. A FB friend posted a link promoting the book and I quickly rebutted with a link to Denise's site. Their reply was a fairly unenthusiastic "interesting" LOL
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                  Ive always liked fitch...before this, go penn!!!