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Are these numbers correct?

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  • Are these numbers correct?

    According to fitday, a chicken leg weighing 200 grams (raw and with bone in) roasted and eaten with skin on would have the following:

    460 calories
    26.7 g fat
    51.5.g protein
    0 carb

    Is that right?

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    It seemed high to me until I calculated that 200 grams is 7 ounces, not quite half a pound.


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      That's right. We calculate by grams in Europe. I think the weight is pretty average for a whole chicken leg here.


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        I use this site as it is Australian and their calories are different.

        Calories in Chicken Baked: Drumstick Meat w. skin, no bones, baked.

        Calories 273 ( Kilojoules 1138 )

        % Daily
        Total Fat 15.6 g 24%
        Saturated Fat 5 g 25%
        Cholesterol 184 mg 61%
        Sodium 106 mg 4%
        Carbohydrate 0 g 0%
        Sugars 0 g
        Dietary Fibre 0 g 0%
        Protein 33.8 g
        Calcium 31.3 mg
        Potassium 350 mg
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          Your results seem a little high. I usually use this site for a quick look up: It's close to your results, just a little lower....they calculate by 100 g (with a convenient drop down to choose whichever measurements you prefer)
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            So annoying and confusing, the fact that you get different sites and books with different figures! Thanks kennelmom, I'll have a look at the site.


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              Perhaps it's the entire leg with thigh attached, not just the drumstick itself.