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Liquid Vitamin vs caps/pill vitamin

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  • Liquid Vitamin vs caps/pill vitamin

    How much of a difference in absorption between liquid and pill forms of vitamin supplements?

    Is there a thread or articcle discussing this or what some good liquid vitamin brands are?

    Just a little lost with all the options out there and want to start making vitamin use a bigger part of nutrition plan along with eating a diet more vitamin rich.

    I have also had some people tell me that getting a juicer and doing a lot of veggie/fruit juice is the best way to supplement vitamin intake. Anyone who has any experience with Juicers and what brands to look at and what are some of the better veggies fruits to use and any juicer recipes would be much appreciated.

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    I've read and been advised by naturopaths that liquid and powder forms are more digestible. The other advantage that comes to mind is that it's easier to adjust dosage with liquids and powders vs. tablets. I know some supplement manufacturers make softer tablets for digestibility.

    Is there a specific supplement (or set of supplements) you're wondering about?
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      I swear by powdered vitamins but that is a personal preference at this point for me. I take "D" in an oil capsule at a different time.

      Juicing seems like your wasting a lot of good stuff. Just eat the fruits and veggies.
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        Other potential problem with juicing - the sugars you're consuming are no longer 'buffered' by the natural fibre (ie the pulp you just threw away) and so they all hit your bloodstream at once. Probably not a great idea. Smoothies, where you blend up the whole plant, might be a better one.


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          For the Juicer I was mostly going to try and use veggies. The things I have read advocating the use of a juicer state that you can use the juicer to supplement meals and get a lot more vitamins since by removing the juice from the fibers/pulp you get the vitamin content of many veggies/fruits in a volume that you would not otherwise be able to eat. If I juice 4 carrot, 2 apple, 4 celery and drink that in addition to a spinach salad with chicken at lunch it will allow me to get the vitamins/nutrition from those carrots, apples, celery that I otherwise would not be able to eat since I would be full. I am very active and lean so I am not worried at all about weight loss. I have more problems getting enough calories but feel that even though I try to eat a lot of good fruits and veggies I might not be getting enough of the nutrition/vitamins that I need and wanted to know if there is much of a difference if I do that through vitamin supplements or using a juicer.


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            Track your meals on something like fitday for a week -- that will tell you how much you're getting of the nutrients and if you're deficient in anything. For plant-based nutrition, you really can't beat greens for density -- a little of those will go a long way, it's much better than carrots, apples, or celery (probably spinach too).