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  • Will the sun come up tomorrow?

    How do you all here deal with stupid self-doubt?
    I keep getting the thought that I'm going to stall at some point and get stuck being overweight even if I continue to eat primal and exercise? In the past, have had some stalls when I just dropped cals, ate high carb and did not exercise daily.
    So far so good, dropped a clothing size.

    Why do I have these thoughts that defy logic?

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    Idk man, maybe its because your still overweight and its hard to picture yourself skinny.

    But know that its more than just calories in calories out. Theres a whole slew of hormones and whatnot that play a factor in your weight.

    Its in your genes to be happy and healthy. Its what your body wants. You just need to rewire yourself and eat healthy and guid yourself towards those genes.

    You know how people with depression, real depression, often have genes that put them at risk for getting depressed? Its been shown that even people with those genes live normally unless exposed to stress, bad diet, ect...

    You know how people with the genes to turn schizophrenic can flip those genes on by screwing with drugs?

    Its the same thing, except we ALL have genes that want us to look happy and healthy and live well.

    I also belive that the body wants to get fat too. We naturally want to eat the sweetest most calorie/energy dense food because if we were in the jungles looking for food thats what we'd want.

    Its all about the genes man, just keep doing things that tickle the good ones. Anyone can do it.


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      And if/when you do stall, switch it up. That doesn't nessecarilly mean "go harder", it might mean walking more or switching your mealtimes (trying fasting till lunch for example) cutting fruit.

      But it could also mean managing your stress better, chilling out or playing more.

      Sometimes even carefully planned refeeds could do the trick

      Theres many ways to break a platue. Maybe even taking a break from excercising for a week (but still walk)

      I think im gonna start moving my workout stuff to the backyard. Im tired of the fucking basement...personally thats something thats gonna help me improve.


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        Try to stay positive, unfortunately stalling can be a reality for some while other people manage to go from fat to skinny without it showing a mark on them.

        But there are always tricks to try. The worst thing you can do if you stall is to go and become depressed about it, that would make you likely to fall off the wagon completely and then you could be back at square one.


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          Our society programs us to believe that consistent and permanent weight loss is difficult and requires herculean effort. Just look at Oprah, she's been yo-yoing for a while. Ads about all sorts of weight loss products/programs abound. We may know consciously that it's all bullshit, but unless we guard our minds they can still slip into subconscious thought. It could also be your belief level, which would be normal given your past history; in which case the results you get as you follow the path will convince you.

          If you've got doubts or reach a plateau just remind yourself that this is for total, lifelong health and not just weight loss. We must have patience if we want to see real, lasting results, but they will come in their own time as long as we keep at it.


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            I am a willing listener, but i am also very skeptical and hard to convince (i think i know everything...such a fool i am) . I did weeks of research about this diet and concluded that it was worth it. I would imagine that i would be weary if the diet would produce results if I didn't do my research. But after seeing very positive results in me and my gf i have no doubt in my mind.

            I guess what im trying to say is to give it time. You will get more confident as I did (cause i still had some doubts as i was trying it). Just know you will plateau, BUT also know that you will overcome it as everyone has (i think everyone). Don't get lazy though, you gotta tweak and research things sometimes to break the plateau. Once you go primal, you don't go back (lol, at least from what iv'e heard).

            Good luck, but also remember that if you are worrying too much it'll cause stress which will halt things. Perhaps, if your one of those people who worry all the time, you need to deal with that issue too.