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Getting partner onboard with the primal lifestyle

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  • Getting partner onboard with the primal lifestyle

    My partner has a history of diabetes in his family, and he received recent news of a relative taken ill and it as sort of put the mockers on his mood. 'Cutting down' was mentioned, but I suggested going primal and he was interested.

    I have the blueprint book and the cookbook which I am going to present, but what are some good introductory links from the blog that aren't covered in the book and some good 'success stories' particularly ones with a history of diabetes. I just want to help

    I'd love for him to be on-board with me as we could help eachother out, that way I won't fall off the wagon so much!

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    Here is how it worked with my boyfriend (mind you he is Asian so he only eat a little rice every day as far as grains go. The rest is actually pretty primal already.)

    Him: "I'm getting fat"
    Me: "..You are starting to get a belly."
    Him: "I think I need to only eat a little."
    Me: "Don't do that! That isn't healthy. How much bread do you eat?"
    Him: "wha... bread? I eat some every day"
    Me: "We're you fat before you ate bread everyday?"
    Him: "...No."
    Me: "Stop eating the bread."
    Him: "Really? *thinks about it* Ok."
    Me: Let me tell you about eating primal....
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      I have been living with my husband and his parents while in college (a good ol' modern version of All in the Family). As of March 1st I will be primal for one year and doing it in a home FULL of pasta and bread has NOT been easy. My husband and I are moving into our own house on Feb 25th... so he understands that since I am the cook there will be LOTS of primal. He refuses to change the way he eats lunch at work (because he NEEDS bread because it's soo good) but he's totally supportive otherwise.

      So he'll be eating primal probably about 60/40 so I'm gonna make him weigh himself and see if he notices a change :-)
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        I'm watching this thread!

        I am starting to transition our family to primal. Since I do the majority of the food shopping/meal planning, DH will find himself along for the ride. However, I do want to discuss these changes with him so he stays consistent.


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          There is a ton of good info on this site.

          Check out and get him to read the reviews of the book - lots of success stories there.

          Once he understands how our body handles carbs and stores fat, and has a good understanding of insulin and insulin resistance, it's pretty clear that diabetes can be avoided (for the most part), by a reduction in carb consumption and eating primally,


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            Originally posted by Bolivar View Post
            what are some good introductory links from the blog that aren't covered in the book and some good 'success stories' particularly ones with a history of diabetes.
            I was a type II diabetic with a measured A1c of 8.7. At my last bloodwork, my A1c was 5.2 and the doctor informed me that I no longer have diabetes.

            It can be cured with this way of eating and living. I'm living proof of it.
            Primal eating in a nutshell: If you are hungry, eat Primal food until you are satisfied (not stuffed). Then stop. Wait until you're hungry again. Repeat.

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              The best way to convince someone is example. You live primally, you cook the food, and let him see the results.

              The more compliant you are and the better you feel and look the more likely your partner is to jump on the wagon. Also if you are doing the cooking laziness usually gets people to eat what you are eatting.
              If your food is fast, maybe you should fast.