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Caloric/weight loss information for my friend

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  • Caloric/weight loss information for my friend

    Hi everyone.

    I wanted to post here to see if you folks had any ideas about this issue.

    I have a friend who says that her caloric intake has been 1200 calories per day for the past 6 months, and she says she exercises 6 days a week for 1.5 hours(estimated caloric burn of 400-500 calories). I checked with a calorie calculator online and her body would require 1600 calories per day even if she did no activity each day. She is not losing weight.

    Is this possible(burning more calories than taken in each day and still not losing weight and even slightly gaining), or is she not giving accurate details?

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    There could be all sorts of things going on. She could be eating too many carbs for her body so that insulin isn't letting the body free up fat for fuel. She could have a lowered metabolism. (Just because a website says she's supposed to burn 1600 calories a day doesn't make it so.) She could also be misreporting her intake and/or exercise.


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      What DaisyEater said.

      Your friend sounds a lot like me last year. I did this, restricting calories (1200-1300/day) and working out like a mad woman without weight loss. My thyroid is wonky, so slow metabolism was definitely a factor for me. Your friend might want to change up her diet PB-style... couldn't hurt.
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        its hard to say not knowing anything about her lifestyle.

        this is a strange post for your first one.
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          My first guess would be excess cortisol due to chronic cardio.
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            What everyone else said. Give her a copy of The primal Blueprint and the url to this forum.