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  • Diabetes support?

    Hey everyone,
    I'm looking for some info on how Primal food and low-carb can help a person reduce their A1C. I just got off the phone with my dear Dad, who is struggling a little in this regard. He's a very active person, and in great health other than diabetes. He said he's open to reading a few articles. So, hit me up. If this was your dad, what links would you send him? He knows a little about the primal diet, but I think still believes whole grains are healthy and saturated fats are not.
    my primal journal:

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    I think you might want to check out this blog:


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      I like this post:

      It's short, easy to understand and shows obvious positive results.


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        You may find something on Robb Wolf's site. I'm linking to a testimonial:


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            This isn't primal or paleo, but if your Dad is diabetic, you should really introduce him to Dr. Richard Bernstein's Diabetic Solution. It's a book but he also has a website that provides almost all the same info. What I like is that he provides diabetics with the science behind his dietary recommendations. All my siblings have Type2, and I follow Dr. B's recommendations to avoid developing diabetes myself--it seems to be working for me.

            His own story is fascinating. He was an engineer who developed Type 1 diabetes as a young adult. He followed the conventional recommendations for diabetic diets and found his blood sugar soaring. So he began testing various foods and discovered how a diabetic SHOULD eat to control his/her blood sugar--low carb, of course. However, he had no credibility in the medical community--so he went to medical school. He has been a practicing endo here in NY for a long, long time. He is very well respected among diabetics, but has still not be able to affect the CW that is constantly promoted and keeps diabetics unhealthy.


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              Definitely Dr Bernstein - I didn't mention him because I thought everyone knows about him.