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How to adjust food based on workouts

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  • How to adjust food based on workouts

    Just this week, I have added movement. I wanted to take a bit of time to get the food down pat. Having said that, I am hungrier than I have been in awhile now and am wondering if I should up carbs, fats or proteins. I'm doing primal as a way to help me get in better health and to lose fat. I am also recovering from insulin resistance. I have not touched fruit since December last year. My carbs primarily come from green leafy veggies, carrots, cruciferous veggis and the like. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    In all honesty it doesn't sound like you need to modify your carb intake at all. From what you've said I gather you are nto doing intense workouts involving heavy weights and massive cardio. You should be fine just increasing your fat intake a little bit and continue eating at a deficit. When you move into a complex workout routine like crossfit, then you can really start playing with carb ratios.

    Just my two cents with the limited info here.


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      I've been walking this week and I've noticed the stomach growling kick in. Next week, I'm adding bodyweight exercises back into the mix and also sprinting. I do already have a decent muscle mass already from CW Body for Life I did back in 2006. I do also plan on doing some lifting once our garage is not full of car parts.

      What kind of info were you looking for?


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        How much do you weight right now? How much do you want to weigh? How long have you been primal, and are you still insulin insensitive?

        Basically, at low to moderate levels of exercise your carb intake doesn't really matter because you are not training to be a competition athlete or whittle off the last 2% of body fat to get to single digits.

        If you are almost at your goal weight and you are training 5x a week with some serious intense stuff, then carb intake should go up. Basically, in a nutshell I personally believe the only thing you should play with at this point is calorie consumption and not a macro-nutrient adjustment.


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          Originally posted by geostump View Post
          My carbs primarily come from green leafy veggies, carrots, cruciferous veggis and the like.
          You're not getting very many actual carbs this way, since many of these kind of fibrous carbs get fermented in your gut to provide saturated fat, which your body then absorbs. Since you're working on insulin resistance, I wouldn't change a thing.

          Were you not insulin resistant, I'd suggest adding a pound a day of sweet potato or white potato. Once you recover, I'd add the starch in.



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            Been fully primal since January 1. Last time I weighed myself I was at 225 so I am figuring 220-215. I try not to weigh myself much because I can become obsessive with it. Right now, I'm looking to get down to 180 and I'll re-adjust then if I need to. I have high lbm of 150 for a woman. I wear a very loose sz 16 almost into a 14.


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              What I do is eat low fat, higher carb on lifting days. (like a potato before a workout and a potato after). On cardio days I eat high fat and low carb. That's worked well for me in terms of fat loss.

              I also do the Leangains 16/8 IF. I start eating at 12:00 and stop eating at 8:00pm.


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                I have been keeping my carbs down under 50 regardless of my activities (except for yesterday, lol!), because it reduces my craving to eat more calories.

                Keeping in mind that people tend to overeat to account for increased activity, you may find that eating a wee bit more protein or fat to stave off cravings will probably help you reach your goals faster.
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                  This is what's funny, I don't have any cravings for carbs now. I have just noticed that I since I have started to add activity, I seem to get more hungry easily.


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                    Based on the activity you're doing, I would guess adding more carbs is not necessary. I'd eat if I was hungry though.

                    I play hockey and I've realized the I need to carb up a little on nights where I play or else I'm drained after 15 mins, but that's pretty strenuous exercise.

                    If you feel like your energy is too low, try incorporating maybe a little bit more carbs, slowly, to see if that helps.