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Hypoglycemia-Serious Advice from People of Experience

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  • Hypoglycemia-Serious Advice from People of Experience

    Hello Primal People!

    Long time no talk. Damn. Anyway, I had a serious question for you all as I just had a random health fluke about a month ago.

    Once upon a time, I just got done working out when all of a sudden, about an hour after wards, I started to experience something that never happened to me before. It was the shaky, panicking, and just plain disturbing attack of hypoglycemia. Not knowing what it was, I had a friend rush me to the Doctor and my serum blood sugar came in at a whopping 50.

    Again, damn. Never experienced this before. Looking back, I was wondering if perhaps I was not fueling my work outs properly.

    Now, this brings me to the point of confusion. I was given a glucometer and test my sugar before, during, and after more intense exercises (by the way, I did a 30 minute session of Russian KettleBells the day I got "sick"). Does anyone really know what the safe blood glucose levels are for working out? Also, has anyone else experienced hypoglycemia after a work out and really know how to manage it?

    Should also note this: I had a series of tests done to rule out major organ issues. Pancreatic function was normal. Liver function was normal. Had a fasting glucose test that came back normal as well. I do have one last appointment to rule out any endocrine issues, but so far, it looks like a bizarre nutritional fluke. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Some more info on what you are eating and how long you have been eating this way would be helpful:-)
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      need to know what your eating, how often, and how long inbetween.

      walking and low intense exercise should lower/stabilize BS, but intense exercise(varies for everyone) will spike your BS when your liver releases its stores
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        Hey guys

        Thanks for the replies. Here's how I am eating.

        Breakfast: normally 2 eggs fried in coconut oil with citrus bowl (grapefruit, orange, and blackberry mix. About 1 cup fruit right there)

        snack (after work out): whey protein smoothie with one scoop designer whey, 1/2 cup keifer and one banana

        lunch: 3-4 oz meat/fish (today was salmon) with salad greens (which for me equals 2 cups spinach, 1-2 carrots, handful olives, one whole medium tomatoe). olive oil and lemon juice dressing with one medium green apple.

        snack: 2 tbs almond butter and celery and carrot sticks

        dinner: 4 oz bbq chicken with coleslaw and side salad.

        this is whats normal for me. Like I said, need some serious suggestions here. Still waiting for my appointment with the doctor next week to see what's going on (if anything) with the endocrine system. I should not that I normally have about 1-2 cups of coffee in the morning with breakfast. Staring to wonder this is caffeine related with the intensity of the work outs.

        Let the feedback begin.


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          try eating bigger meals, 3 of them, solid meals a day. drop the whey, its bad for BS. maybe less fruit, more fat & eggs
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            I used to get hypoglycemic hiking, years ago. I would just eat a PBJ. Fixed me up in 5 minutes. I was eating "healthy" and walking 20 miles a day. Bad combo. Google "bonk". That's what you did.

            Looking at what you're eating, I'd add at least a pound of potato, any kind, with lots of butter or coconut oil on it, every day. Other than the banana, you're not getting any carbs. There's a limit to how much glycogen your liver can produce. Your brain gets first dibs. Intense exercise requires glycogen, too. If your reserves are low and you do 30 minutes of intense exercise, you could easily bonk.



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              That smoothie would be enough to cause a blood sugar crash for me. I need solid protein, whey and fruit is a recipe for disaster. I'm better off eating nothing than that!

              In fact the only time that has happened since I went primal last Aug was the day I had a protein shake for breakfast as I was feeling too tired to cook. Worst blood sugar crash I'd ever had.

              I still carry nuts everywhere with me just in case, but rarely really need them.
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