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  • IF muscle gain and fat loss

    Has anyone here ever actually gained muscle and reduced body fat through IF? (Yes I know about But, Iím interested if someone on here has done it. Not that they look more muscular, but that theyíve actually gained weight and lost body fat. In other words, something like going from 165 to 185 and from 12% body fat to 8% at the same time. I would think that in order to do so you would have to consume much more food within the eating window than you would otherwise. However, wonít that counteract the fasting period? Any one on here have a tried and true method? Iíve been IFíng for around 3 weeks and I cannot imagine going back to eating 5-6 meals spread throughout the day. Iím never hungry (unless I eat carby stuff)

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    Originally posted by dboxing View Post
    I would think that in order to do so you would have to consume much more food within the eating window than you would otherwise. However, won’t that counteract the fasting period?
    While fasting can be used for calorie control, that is not its primary purpose as I understand it. So eating *more* won't undo the good your fasting time is doing.

    I'll let someone else field the question as to whether you can lose fat in a calorie surplus. I would think so [ish], if your muscles are nomming up all the yummy goodness you are eating and then some, but I think if you are working out so hard that your body is using up all you eat and still shedding fat that you are technically in a calorie deficit, you've just upped what your body needs for base calories by increasing output.


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      i've lost body fat and stayed the same weight, or gone up slightly...didn't happen overnight though. i can't really say if it's a result of IF or not. i've been IFing for a while, and my success seems to fall along the same timeline as IF. I'm not trying to gain weight though. i'm after mark's physique more than i am martin's or a bodybuilder. but there's not reason IF can't help you reach those goals.
      hopefully daemonized with chime in...i think he's had the best success.


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        I’m hesitant to say this is happening to me because I’ve recently gained undesirable body fat, but before that I was at a steady 148-150 but seemed to be leaning out and seeing more definition. As my lifts went up and I got stronger. However, I don’t really attempt to eat more or less I kind of just eat so I don’t have a very focused approach on the nutrition end. Sometimes I eat real big, other times not so much and I mostly do a leangains style fast Monday-Friday with weekends being “off” from fasting.

        I’m back to cleaning up my diet and focusing on increasing my weighted bodyweight work and other outside lifts. I’m not worried about scale weight in the least, I just want to get my abs back. I had them, then got careless with food and they went bye bye.
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          In the past year I have IF'd nearly every day for 16 hours and on occassion up to 24. According to my insurance exam I lost 4.2lbs and 1.5" off my waist. I think that is a good indicator that I am losing fat and gaining muscle. More recently I gave up alcohol for 30 days and lost ~6-7 lbs but I have seen a difference in how my clothes fit. Once again my pants are loose and I can even go down a belt notch. My strength is continualy going up though. I don't lift weights but I do regular BW exercise. I went from barely being able to do handstands to 2 sets of 5 HSPU's. I am also doing weighted pistols and assisted one arm pull ups.

          iniQuity - abs are amazing motivation. I could see mine for the first time in my life last month and wanted more. That is why I did my 30 day alcohol fast. I can clearly see even more definition and I am losing the remaining love handles that I have had all my life. I won't say I have a 6 pack yet but I am hoping by the time summer rolls around they will be poppin.
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            Thanks to all. Keep it coming!


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              If you get around 1.2g or more of protein per KG of body weight, train intensely enough to stimulate growth and get enough recovery, you'll gain muscle.
              Or course, the optimal combination of these varies from person to person.
              It all comes down to what your training goals are. I you want to be the next big thing in bodybuilding / power lifting or strongman, it's probably not the best strategy.
              The golden rule of eat big to get big is non negotiable.

              The best inspiration however is when you look in the mirror and see that muscle and vein standing in bold relief where there was nothing a month ago.