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Birthday party for 5yr olds, any good, primal menu ideas?

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  • Birthday party for 5yr olds, any good, primal menu ideas?

    I think the title says it all, I expect the kids will be pretty hungry as it will be after 6pm and an hour of swimming. I want them to like what they eat and not be weird about the food. My kid eats anything and everything but I know that is rare and most kids get pizza & pasta all the time. I need ideas, some kids are vegetarian also.

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    small quiches made with ham/bacon, eggs cream cheeses in moderate oven for 40 mins and some without the meat for the veggie kids

    Orange Coconut cake...6 eggs,1/2 cup butter,2tablespoons honey,1/2teaspoon sea salt, 1 teaspoon baking powder I cup,1 cup coconut flour [ from asian shops]1 teaspoon cinnamon and grated rind of orange [ you can also add grated dark chocolate too]

    coconut pancakes

    love Dee xx


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      Even at 'normal' birthday parties, my children are used to seeing things like mini sausages, cubes of cheese, cherry tomatoes, carrot or other veggie sticks with some sort of dip (salsa or cream cheese or guacamole etc) + grapes and berries. These would all work for a primal party


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        The dessert masterpiece! - chocolate fondue (use chocolate as bitter as tolerable for five year olds) - dip with nuts, strawberries. mandarin pieces, apple cubes. bananas etc.
        The sweetness of the fruit will counter act the bitterness of the high cacao chocolate too, and the kids will be so excited, they won't notice.

        Another snack - Avocodo oil potato chips?

        Sure the suggestions are not perfect primal food, but its a pleasant "cheat" for the kids and it is a special occasion.

        5 year old vegetarian kids? for some reason that is the saddest thing I have heard today!
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          How about barbecued chicken legs?
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            Just about every kid I know will eat chicken nuggets and hot dogs exclusively. Since those are way too processed (unless you buy pretty expensive hot dogs) you could at least make your own chicken nuggets. Either shape ground chicken into little nuggets and dunk them in egg mixture and then dredge through almond flour, or just chunk up some chicken and do the same type of breading. You'd probably be obligated to make or buy ketchup, be warned...

            Have some cheese and crackers, some nuggets-made-primal, some minimally processed hotdogs and buns. Seriously, don't worry about feeding other people's kids perfectly primal food, it isn't your job to make sure that they are the picture of health at your party. Just make sure your kids eat some primal stuff if it's important to you that they do, and let the other kids eat crackers and hotdog buns with their food if they won't eat cheese or hot dogs without them.

            Some kind of primal cake recipe like what has been posted already would be good, although I would stay away from coconut flakes because of how picky kids can be about textures. Good luck! Feel free to throw out my advice about non-primal foods if it isn't your thing, my feelings totally won't get hurt
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              comfy belly's cream filled cakes and cupcakes recipe makes a wonderful cake. (Double the recipe) I also cut the sweetener in half (I use maple syrup) and add 1/2 tsp stevia, or to taste. I do the same w/ the frosting.

              Another fabulous cake, again you can cut the sweetener by adding stevia:

              More ideas:
              Burgers and hot dogs and sweet potato fries, buns optional (you could get a box of veggie burgers for the vegetarians--here is the least offensive/most real food one I've seen:
              Veggies and dip (homemade dip--could be dairy based, or guacamole, or coconut milk based etc...)
              Pepperoni, cheese (optional crackers)
              Deviled eggs yum!
              Fruit on a stick--cut up peices of fruit on sticks like kabobs very fun and festive--can dip them in a yogurt based dip
              I've also done chili (easy, one big pot) served over optional rice (for those longing for more carbs)
              potato pizzas appetizer (if you do potatoes)--slice so they are in little rings, place on a cookie sheet, wipe w/ EVOO, bake until they are almost cooked and crispy, then top with meat, veg, sauce and cheese (toppings of choice)--bite size apps and totally yummy. You could also top w/ bruschetta, etc...
              Instant ice cream--frozen bananas w/ strawberries and a little coconut milk and vanilla extract in a food processor. Combine and serve. No sweetener needed!
              Coconut milk, strawberries, vanilla extract and stevia blended together then put in popsicle trays--for strawberry creamsicles. Mmm!

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                How about little meatballs served with toothpicks? Kids love stabbing their food (totally primal instinct!). Cheese cubes, little sausages or hot dogs, veggies, and fruit. Pretty decent meal - no utensils required!


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                  If I were 5 and there were no sugary frosted birthday cake, I would tear shit up.

                  You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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                    meatballllsss, i use to eat the crap outa them as a kid!

                    haha and i agree with grumpy caveman too
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                      I always make chicken wings and steak on a stick for kids. Cheese & veggie trays are good too.

                      And yes...I would have torn shit up too. Better make some almond meal cupcakes with xylitol frosting or something.

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                        What about shishkabobs? Chunks of chicken or beef + cherry tomatoes + pineapple + whatever. Can make veggie ones easily (might need some kind of protein on theirs). Plus kids get to eat off sticks (just watch out for stabbing each other).
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                          Kids that age love anything on a stick. How about:
                          meatballs with Marks BBQ sauce for a dipping pond?
                          Grilled sausage chunks with cheese sauce to dip in
                          Chicken wings
                          Chocolate covered strawberries for the adults...I guarantee the kids will wet themselves to get some.


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                            Oh and you can make cauliflower pizza dough bread sticks and marinara.


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                              Mmmmm--chicken wings...

                              And love the meatball idea too!

                              If the party already happened, how was it??
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                              Are you new here? Be sure to check these links FIRST, before reading anything on the forum! Succeed & PB 101

                              "I am a work in progress." -Ani DiFranco