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    Did you soak them in water prior to eating them, or did you eat them dry?


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      Don't eat them dry! lol
      Grind them, then let them soak in water for like 10 min so they're actually nutricous.
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        Hello neighbor,

        Funny you should say that as I was looking up Chia and buckwheat etc. yesterday as it was in Holy Crap cereal that I wanted to try. I put the Holy Crap into a bowl and mixed in coconut milk, waited for a good 10 mins. Didn't have any obvious problems with it and I have loads of allergy issues.
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          I have a close friend who frequently hosts potlucks but has an egg allergy so ground chia is handy for baked stuff.

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            there is a company which sells brewed chia tea, not just dumping chia inside a regular hot cup of tea.
            worth a try.


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              That glutinous stuff from Chia seed is as polysaccharide... which, presumably, is a kind of carb that people cannot digest directly but some gut bacteria can. Sounds like yours had a feast.

              It might give you a clue about which other foods you should avoid for digestive peace and harmony.


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                Chia, flax, hemp, ..., ====> beuaaarrk!!

                Just for fun, you can always read J. Stanton's article : “Eat Like A Predator, Not Like Prey”: The Paleo Diet In Six Easy Steps, A Motivational Guide - GNOLLS.ORG

                I like the way he presents things from a certain perspective