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Why's it bad to have too many primal treats?

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  • Why's it bad to have too many primal treats?

    Seeing as most people on the primal diet tend to eat all natural whole foods anyway, what's wrong with eating a lot of the foods we consider to be treats?

    Saying you make desserts with things like almond flour, bananas, eggs and cocoa powder as the main ingredients. Others being honey, coconut, fruit, nut butters, etc, what are the reasons for not having treats every day?

    I've been eating a lot more of these foods because I'm getting into baking and cooking in general, but I'm using healthy natural ingredients. Why do we advise having primal treats in moderation?

    How often do you have dessert foods?

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    Most people are trying to lose weight/body fat.

    If you were trying to gain, I don't see anything wrong with it.
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      I'm 125lbs.
      This is just what I wanted to hear


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        These primal treats are typically higher in carbs. They have great ingredients, but will cause weight gain if eaten too much or too often.


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          Exactly what iniQ and John said
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            I agree that these treats are ok in moderation (though I'm kinda down on nut flours and nuts in general lately - too much omega-6), but I like this post also:


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              this is semantics surely "too much/too often/too many" implies a problem. You WANT to gain weight - so its "just enough"?

              Of course body composition might come into this?? I am also assuming you want to gain muscle not fat?? Weight gain even on Primal won't be muscle if you eat "too many desserts", even Primal ones???


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                Originally posted by randallfloyd View Post
                I'm 125lbs.
                This is just what I wanted to hear
                Eat more meat and fat, then eat the sweet treats my boy.
                I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.


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                  Here's my reason for moderation. A couple of weeks ago, I bought some coconut flour because I wanted to make muffins or pancakes--which I normally never have--i.e., I don't make any primal treats usually, limiting my eating to fish, meat, eggs, and veggies (and almond butter!).

                  So one day, I made a muffin (using a soup cup to make an individual one). It was so delicious with my morning coffee that I made another. I made a third one for 'lunch,' and then had a fourth one later that afternoon. I figured they were about 300 cal each, so the 1200 cal were all I should have had for the day, and I was satisfied. I tend to be a 'morning eater' and often skip any evening meal. HOWEVER, that day, by 7 pm, I was STARVING.
                  That's very unusual for me because my daily calorie level is lower than 1200 (I'm post menopausal and hypothyroid with a VERY slow metabolism.)

                  I suspect that this happened because my muffins didn't have the nutrients that my body gets from my standard menu, so it was begging for more food.

                  My point is that overdoing the 'treats' isn't a good idea because we're filling ourselves up with less nutritious food.

                  I've decided to limit my treats to almond butter--but I first have to get control of that delicious stuff!


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                    Also, if you have any sort of sensitivity to sweets, they can make you crave more-- even if they're "healthy sweets." It's no different then the raw vegans who gain weight because they eat too many raw desserts (which are amazing, but super rich).


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                      I've had this same reaction to eating too many primal sweets. I get hungry more often during that day, even week! I was wondering what I've done wrong but I've finally realized its because of all the "honey and almond flour" in my primal treats. I am now restricting it to once a month and its mostly for my non primal husband anyways ;-)


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                        Most primal sweets have a moderate or greater amount of sugar (yes honey is sugar, in fact it has more fructose than sucrose) and a moderate or greater amount of nut products, meaning omega-6. You have to have wheat to have something more inflammatory than fructose or omega-6.

                        Primal treat or primal junk?
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                          Keep in mind that even plain modern produce has been hybridized and cultivated for many thousands of years beyond what Grok was eating. Fruits especially pack a huge punch of sugar that they never had in the wild. Compare a yellow banana to a plantain (or sweet potatoes to yams) and you get the idea. Add honey or other sweeteners, and that's something Grok would NOT have had daily, not by a long shot.

                          It's not about calories or weight loss, it's a question of the nutrition and the signals you're sending your body. Just because it's not in a box, doesn't mean it's primal. When you are eating really clean, things that didn't seem sweet before can be almost too sweet. Carrots taste like candy to me.

                          So IMO sticking to a SAD sugar-centered idea of "dessert" or "reward" food seems like a sure way to sabotage yourself on several levels.
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                            Originally posted by yodiewan View Post
                            I agree that these treats are ok in moderation (though I'm kinda down on nut flours and nuts in general lately - too much omega-6), but I like this post also:
                            While I agree with almost everything on Kurt's blog (and think he does a fantastic job explaining complex topics), I do feel his recommendations are just too restrictive sometimes. Food is meant to be enjoyed, at least once in a while. If you've eliminated grains, candy, processed food etc, you're already doing way better than most.

                            Obviously, excessive consumption of fruits, nuts, or primal treats will thwart your progress to an extent. Fruit is really sad because it is so delicious, but the fructose is a big problem. It makes total sense that the fruit we have today in no way resembles fruit that occurred "naturally" prior to artificial human selection. I do think it is interesting that hardly anyone in the mainstream will ever ever suggest that fruits could be an issue--it's a very politically incorrect thing to do. In the popular consciousness, fruit exists as a bright, colorful, sweet, antioxidant drenched wonder food.

                            Anyway, I just can't tolerate a diet that is only meat and vegetables. I have to have some variety. I guess that's why Mark's guidelines appeal to me. They may be less effective for some people who have really cruddy metabolisms, but they're also more realistic to adhere to--more pleasurable while still being head and shoulders above the SAD.


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                              It's bad because sugar is bad for you even if its in honey or a mango, if you eat a lot of it you will be less healthy. Also because things like whipped coocnut milk with cut mango can easily add 500 calories to the end of an already big meal, and calories do, in fact, matter to some extent.
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