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  • Feedback is appreciated!

    Hi all,
    Was hoping maybe people could take a look at my journal (in my signature) and give me any feedback on what I'm eating, how much, when, my workouts, or anything else that may help me reach my goals. The last page of the journal probably is the best place to go to see the past weeks meals.

    My goal is to drop 15 pounds. I have been eating primal for about a month but more focused over the past 2 weeks. In the past week I have cut out dairy ( except for when out for coffee and no option for coconut milk I have whole milk) and dramatically cut down on the nuts. I have cut down on the fruit ( a handful of blueberries a day maybe) but go out 1 or 2 nights a week for drinks. I have moved from white wine to red wine however.

    So, please feel free to give me whatever advice you think will help me towards my goals - I know people here have a lot more knowledge and experience than I do and I really want to try and take advantage of it!
    My Primal Journal