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The danger of protein during pregnancy

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  • The danger of protein during pregnancy

    I came across this post in the Perfect Health Diet blog and want to know your thoughts on it. They recommend protein restriction in general.

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    Hmm. I'm not sure--interested to hear what others have to say. I'm new to the whole paleo/primal WOE, but I followed the Brewer Diet during both pregnancies ( to avoid pre-eclampsia (my mother had pre-e with me). Dr Brewer recommended 80-100g protein a day. My first was born at 36 weeks and he was perfectly healthy for being 4 weeks early--I know a lot of 36 weekers who have had underdeveloped lungs. I attribute his good size (7lbs 5oz) to the diet. Larger babies can afford to lose more weight immediately after birth, among other things.
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      I ate a LOT of protein with both my pregnancies. I needed it - I worked heavy physical labor on a farm while pregnant with my first (and went back to work on said farm 2 days after she was born), and took care of my DH's terminally ill mother (lifting her, moving her, cleaning her house, moving her into a new apartment, etc) while pregnant with my second.

      Both were healthy, big babies, (8 lbs 10 oz, and 10 lbs 1 oz), with voracious appetites (which they have retained! These 2 eat me out of house and home!). No illnesses or fever - My 6 year old has only been sick 3 times (which I credit more to her spending the first 6 months of her life coming to work with me on a farm and being covered in dirt daily), and the 3 year old only twice. As for IQ... I'd say their both fairly average - ahead in some things and behind in others. General health? Blood pressure is good, weights are good, heights are good - my 3 year old is only 3 inches shorter than my 6 year old, and they both have quite lovely 6 packs and biceps than I envy (and that they love to show off to anyone who will look).

      Only time will tell, I suppose, but I have yet to see any health issues due to a high protein diet while pregnant. My mother followed the same type diet and exercise I did (she worked construction/excavation while pregnant with my sister and I), and we were almost identical to my two. We come from breeding stock, I guess.


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        I wonder about this too. The doc told me even though my BP is normal and I have no swelling, I have a lot of protein in my urine which worries me. More information would help a lot!

        Ok I just read the article. I am so lost as to how to make my diet 70% fat, 10% protein and 20% carbs. usually im 60% fat, 30% protein and 10% carbs O_O
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          It doesn't make sense to me. Mrs. Grok would not have "limited" her protein. At the same time, I notice that all my pregnant clients crave carbs in the first trimester.

          I think listening to what your body wants during pregnancy is the best bet, as long as you are eating a good variety of (mostly) primal, high-quality foods and getting sufficient supplementation if your diet is deficient in any way.

          Also, Vitamin D sufficiency has been shown to prevent pre-eclampsia in a recent study.

          A discussion and rejection of their recommendation here:

          An excerpt:
          One of the benefits I have received from paleo dieting has been a sharpening of my primal, unconscious guidance system. Basically, the longer I have eaten in a “primal” fashion, the less conscious effort I find myself putting into food selection. I follow my natural inclination to eat meat, fat, vegetables, fruits, and nuts in amounts determined by appetite rather than reason, and I get rewarded with pleasant moods, smooth digestion, abundant energy, and good health. Every time I interfere with this by trying to impose on my food selection some guidance from the haughty conscious mind, I have negative results, almost always appearing first in the digestive tract and mood.

          The lesson I take from this is that the conscious mind does not know enough to regulate food intake, and, so long as I eat practically primal foods, I am better off if I leave regulation of food intake to primal wisdom of the body.
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            Oh I take 5000iu daily of vit d and also biotin and my prenatal.

            also ty for more info


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              Ancestral Nutrition Coaching
              Pregnancy Nutrition Coaching
              Primal Pregnancy Nutrition Article