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Conventional wisdom w/ illness vs. Primal methodology

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  • Conventional wisdom w/ illness vs. Primal methodology

    We all know Grok did not have an arsenal of PhDís to assist with distributing antibiotics (heck, Grok did not have antibiotics) to deal with illness. Nor did Grok have vitamin supplements to take. Recently my place of work has gone through a few weeks (okay so far four) of us all getting sick. I am a software developer and I and my fellow programmers sit in close proximity to one another; so one person coughing means I am inhaling sooner or later any spittle that has become airborne (yummy!).

    Long story short, I am on week number three of this illness, got over the fever to develop a cough (yes a light chest infection) then to have a week later fever come back, then gone again and cough getting little worse (getting better now, but lung buttery taste Mmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmmmmm yuck!). Normally when my fever had come back, and my cough had gotten worse I would have gone to an MD, been given pain meds for my sore throat from coughing and antibiotics to treat the chest infection.

    So, while I am not advocating not going to your doctor when you get sick, believe me if my chest infection had gotten any worse I would have (after all, that is why we have medications like antibiotics but this time I wanted my body to try and deal with it by itself); the question is what would you guys say a decent Primal approach would have been to deal with illness?


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    Sorry you've been under the weather for so long.

    Are you getting all your nutrients? Do you take probiotics?

    CW or perhaps an old wives tale but a good bowl of chicken & veg soup made with homemade broth.


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      Originally posted by Tesen View Post
      the question is what would you guys say a decent Primal approach would have been to deal with illness?
      Don't be very close to sick people. Especially not indoors and for several hours.


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        Yes, we get more illnesses these days (winters especially) because we're indoors where germs can easily flourish and are easily communicated to others.

        There's also evidence that many people overuse antibiotics, demanding them from doctors even when they're not necessary.

        However, when you NEED them, you ought to take them.

        When I was 18, I had a ruptured appendix that went undiagnosed for a while and I wound up with peritonitis. In the days before antibiotics, that would have been fatal, and only massive doses saved me. Sometimes 'modern medicine' is a good thing!


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          Modern meds definite have their place. I mean if you look at the fatality from back when Grok was alive, yeah. And there were less people so it was harder to pass one thing to another. You kind of just kept things in the family (that sounds awful but I am sure you know what i mean).

          I'm not a doctor or anything, so take everything I say with a grain of salt. There is one herb called colt's foot. You smoke it. It's very good for chest colds. Other then that, if you don't get better, see a doctor.
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            Regardless of whether Grok had access to something or not, Primal isn't about "re-creating" his life on a daily basis, so if you get sick, here's what I do:

            1. Get good sleep. As much as possible.
            2. Take extra Vitamin D
            3. Make sure I'm eating very "clean" foods and not allowing any (even minor) grains, etc. in.
            4. Drink loads of fluids (I've heard coconut water has a great balance of electrolytes, etc., I prefer plain water when I'm sick or tea.)
            5. Stay home and take good care of yourself until you're well (yeah, I know, pipe dream these days!)
            6. If I wasn't well (or getting well) within a week/10 days I'd go to the doc to rule out infection. If it was an infection, I'd decide whether or not to take antibiotics based on what I was told about the bacterial infection and if I took them I'd be sure to TAKE THEM ALL (not stop when I began feeling better.) I'd also be open to taking stuff like mucinex, decongestants, etc. to make myself more comfortable.

            To me it's about availing myself of modern conveniences that help me feel better and improve my health while steering clear of those that compromise either.

            Also, if you're in that close proximity to other sick folks, I'd suck it up and wear a surgical mask at work. I'd also be anal retentive about washing my hands, and I'd be cleaning my keyboard at least once a day. An ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure and all that ;-)

            Good luck and hope you feel better!


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              I swear by black elderberry syrup and garlic. I keep honey pickeled garlic in my fridge at all times, and munch about a clove a day durring cold/flu season, and up it to 3-4 a day if I think I'm getting sick (for honey pickeled garlic place whole peeled garlic cloves in a jar, and cover with raw local honey. I let it steep for about a day or two on the counter and then move it to the fridge. The garlic gets soft and sweet and looses it's bite, and the honey takes on a lot of the healing garlic properties, so I'll eat a couple of cloves and take a spoonful of the honey it's in)


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                Well, there are plenty of things it's perfectly natural to die from, so for those I'd go get some nice unnatural medical help. For everything else, I'd take any useful herbs I have lying around, crawl into a corner and wait for it to go away. (Since I work for myself, there's nothing to stop me doing that - not unless I mind losing customers and money.)

                Also, get well soon, and in your line of work can't you work from home rather than in the germ-sharing commune if you want?


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                  Thanks for the posts; I agree seeking medical help is important when needed. I am a big advocate of wanting to do that; sorry if I am implied I am trying to recreate Grokís lifestyle, just curious of what you all consider good home remedies. This one illness I am giving my body a chance to fight off whatever is causing me to be ill. If I get another fever, my first stop is my doctor on the way home no question as obviously a third fever means my body is having problems dealing with this by itself.

                  To answer some of the questions posed:
                  1) Yup, I am taking daily vitamins and keeping track of what I eat on fitday to make sure I am not lacking anything.
                  2) I tend to drink a lot of water anyway, since my body seems to demand at minimum 6 12oz glasses a day.

                  Hilary: We are allowed to work from home in emergencies, but within the last year due to some employees abusing the system, we are not allowed to work from home when sick. It is sort of an on-going joke here, we pretty much have accepted coming in sick and if everyone else gets sick and it causes people to be out and work not to be done, it is managementís decision. Naturally, when my fever reached 103, I ended up taking a day off and just drinking fluids and sleeping.

                  amandalw1 ohhh that sounds really really good! I am going to try that.

                  Lolov: Agreed on taking all the antibiotics I keep on my wife about that constantly when she is sick; one of my pet peeves is people not taking them all, it just encourages antibiotic resistance.

                  O_O: Actually I donít. This is something I have started looking at doing. Any suggestions on what I should be looking for?



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                    So you are allowed to work from home, except when you are ill, when you have to come in?

                    OK, this makes absolute sense, or at least it probably does if you have a high enough fever.

                    For a chest infection, by the way, I'd use steam inhalation with essential oils of tea tree, pine and eucalyptus. With fevers I assume they're doing something useful and let them get on with it - but it's not that I'm especially tough, it's just that my temperature pretty much never goes up for more than a few hours. If I ever actually got ill I'd doubtless be whimpering for pills to make it go away.


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                      Allowed to work from home due to emergencies (i.e. snow storms, car breakdowns) but if we are sick we have to take PTO or come in. Yup it makes absolutely no sense and is the brute force way of dealing with a couple poorly performing employees, punish everyone yeehaw!

                      When my second fever came, I took the day and I kept myself wrapped up in a blanket in a very warm house. Drank warm tea and kept a close eye on my temp. I agree temperature's serve a useful purpose and I generally only stop them if they start going to high for my liking or I need to feel 'okay' for a few hours to deal with real life.

                      Pine and eucalyptus, wow sudden childhood memories - I remember hanging my head over a bowl of hot steamy water as a child inhaling this stuff. My parents used to make me do it for 30 minutes every night and morning when I had a bad cold or chest infection going on, in addition to any drugs I was on. Thanks for the reminder, I remember it help clear things up quickly with or without prescription meds. Darn, why has my old brain forgotten this stuff?!?



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                        Probably a lack of rosemary - very good for memory, as Ophelia said .

                        I wouldn't be without a few good quality essential oils in the house. Tea tree (for infected cuts) and lavender (for more or less everything else) are essentials.


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                          If I had a persistent fever such as yours I would want a culture done on the mucus to see if anti-b's are indicated. We apparently work for the same idiots. Good luck.
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                            10,000iu of Vitamin D3 each day, makes my immune system bulletproof.

                            I recently had 2 cases of Strep Throat, and one case of Flu in my house, and I managed to avoid both completely......without avoiding the people who were sick. Hell, I was sleeping with one of the strep victims.....she doesn't eat Paleo. :-)


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                              Mucinex. Preferably the generic version (not so $$$) It loosens the chest crud and lets you hack it up and out.

                              My brother was quite prone to lung infections as a little guy (asthma) and that helped tremendously. The active ingredient in the cough syrup he took then (he's 29) is the same as mucinex.

                              and +1 on each of the vit D suggestions.
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