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Confused - Actually seem to be losing muscle when switching to full primal

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  • Confused - Actually seem to be losing muscle when switching to full primal

    For a few months I have been doing semi primal blueprint... Basically I abandonned breads & paste but would still cheat at least once a day (maybe 2 cookies in a day, 1 muffin, a bit of dessert with carbs). I also drank about 2 glasses of milk a day.

    Eventually I decided to switch to full primal blueprint and abandoned all forms of cheating. However, it feels like I can lift less at the gym ( I also changed my workout routine to be a full body workout out 2-3 times a week instead of only doing 2 muscle groups per day, 3 days a week). My logic for changing was that maybe I would see bigger gains by soliciting my muscles more often. So instead of doing lets say 6 sets of bicep exercises (different exercises but all focusing on the bicep) I now do 2 but all my other muscles too. Anyway, when I can't even lift as somewhat strong as I used to be able.

    My theory is maybe I have been going low on protein since switching to full mode paleo? I don't think I used to take more protein but many taking a good amount of carbs protected my bodies low amount of protein and was able to save it for muscle building? I'm trying to eat more proteins now, since I'm hoping this is my issue. However, I have a hard time understanding how much is enough and I would like to slowly be losing body fat too, I feel like I am overeating at times now.

    Oh ya, the week I switched to full paleo (and no more cheating) I was feeling a bit weird so I suspected it was my low carb intake and added fruits. Sometimes I might eat 2 apples, some raisins and blueberries mixed in a protein shake, is this a good idea? While Mark seems to say 100-150g is safe after reading the forums I see that many people that are building muscle actually go under 50g (which is easy to get at if I skip all fruits).

    Anyway some insight would be welcome, for now I'm gonna go up in protein but I definitely do not feel like I am healthier under primal blueprint/paleo (I was not overweight to start with, I just want to be healthy and get stronger, and paleo does not seem to be helping!)