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Tips for improving starch digestion?

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  • Tips for improving starch digestion?

    Hi there,

    I just wondered whether anyone had any tips with regards to transitioning onto being able to digest starch?

    I'd very much like to incorporate starches as a carb source but having avoided them for so long there re-introduction seems to slow and jam up the bowels quite a bit. I've tried a couple of portions of well steamed sweet potato's so far. I have a tendancy towards constipation with a very sensitive gut and likely some candida trouble. However I need to put on some weight and get some carbs from somewhere.

    I have tried going the white rice route but it's been extremely rocky on my blood sugars and hypoglycemia, despite being easy to digest.

    Having read some stuff about 'resistant starch' is this in the same camp as things like fos and inuin? i.e. can cause gas and bloating and aggrevate constipation in some.

    Are there particular supplements that might help such as ones high in amylase? Might eating starches first in the meal help also?

    Many thanks,