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    So I donated blood yesterday and they tested my cholesterol. I got my results back and the results read 210 mg/dl. This is considered "borderline high cholesterol level". I have been primal since November, I am 17 years old, I should NOT have these readings. What's going on here?

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    Originally posted by brittanyk06 View Post
    ...I should NOT have these readings. What's going on here?
    Why not? What was your triglycerides? What was your HDL? What was the profile of the LDL particle sizes? Why did you even have cholesterol measured?


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      Don't worry. That # means absolutely NOTHING. As JS points out, the more important #s are trigs, HEL, LDL particle size...and perhaps a C-RP. While it would be nice to have those #s, the chances of you having a problem based on your total cholesterol reading are nil.

      I worked for many years for a bigtime cholesterol specialist at a major hospital/medical school. When I began that job, high cholesterol was considered anything over 240, but the idiotic powers that be keep lowering that number every year. Soon they will be recommending and giving statins to everyone. And the entire cholesterol scare is based on faulty science, leaps of faith, and unproven hypotheses. AND the foods you eat contribute little to you cholesterol profile. If you didn't eat enough, your body will make it. Cholesterol is a major building material in the body. Please don't listen to those fools.
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        Thank you so much! That makes sense now.


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            Read the section on cholesterol in Mark's book, and in Good Calories, Bad Calories. It will then make a lot more sense and the garbage views of the health industries won't bother you.
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