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    What a crock of crap that is!

    I went to the grocery store today and because the Canada games are happening now the vitamin water people were passing out free bottles to customers entering the store. Incidentally there was a Coke truck parked in front of the store too.

    I said no thanks but on my way out I had to satisfy my curiosity so I asked the guy how much sugar in a one cup serving. He said I don't know what is in a cup but the small bottle he was passing out had 20g of sugar. 5 tsp's I said. Wow. Incidentally it looked like 8-10 ounces at most.

    So I had to ask him how this was good for us with all the sugar. His response was fruit has sugar so what is the difference. I suggested perhaps fiber and fruit doesn't contain synthetic nutrients.

    He also proceeded to tell me it had organic cane juice. I said are you kidding me? Do you really believe that is better than the pestiside containing sugar?

    Irritated I told him he should look into some nutrtional education. Vitamin water would be like Coke putting vitamins in their product.

    I saw several people happily take the free bottle. Boy they really didn't get such a good deal.

    Oh I guess I made his morning. LOL

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    There's one born every minute, as PT Barnum didn't say.
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      yeah, it's an attractive scam.


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        I like to drink a glass of water with a plate of meat and veggies... vitamin water right there!


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          There's always "Meat Water":!

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            At that point, you may as well drink some juice. Of course trying to convince people that juice should generally be avoided is another battle. Yes, a little fruit is good for you. No, a dozen pieces of fruit with the fiber removed consumed all in one go is not good for you.


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              Wasn't the company sued recently for claiming Vitamin Water actually had health benefits? vitamin water sued
              Calm the f**k down.


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                What is really sad is how many people are duped by the horseshit.


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                  "Organic cane juice"



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                    isn't vitamin water made by coke? and wasn't there a soda a few years ago with vitamins added, pepsi or coke? i recall driving by a billboard.


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                      It's like when the same people use three different kinds of sugar so that they'll be further down the ingredients list (which is sorted in descending order of weight). Lemon juice, evaporated cane juice, crystalline sucrose, honey -- except that the last three added together come to much more than the first!


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                        That is just so wrong but unfortunately legal.

                        These companies must not realize that consumers are much better educated than they think.